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Korean Cinema

Secret Tears (Pimil) (2000)

Directed by Ki-Hyung Pak. A man becomes involved in some extra-sensory experiences after hitting a woman while driving drunk and bringing her home. She has amnesia and cannot speak, but that doesn't prevent her from communicating with him in other ways. 106 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Seven Swords (Qi jian; Chat gim) (South Korea / Hong Kong / China, 2005)

Directed by Hark Tsui. Cast: Li Ming, Zhen Zidan, Yang Caini, Sun Honglei, Lu Yi, Jin Suyan. In northwest China, seven men with magic swords help the local martial artist group Tian Ti Hui prevent the slaughter of innocent villagers by an evil Manchurian warlord. 153 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Shiri (1999)

Directed by Kang Jegyu. A phantom sniper is methodically assassinating key figures in a South Korean intelligence investigation. Special agent Ryu and his partner Lee suspect North Korea's most lethal female operative, Hee, as being responsible. When a security breach prompts the theft of a high-tech liquid explosive, CTX, from the South Korean authorities, Ryu and Lee are certain there's a mole within their ranks. 125 min. ; (more special features) Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Silche sanghwang (Real Fiction) (2000)

Directed by Ki-duk Kim. A portrait artist, frustrated with his life and having a terrible day, finally snaps. Flying into a murderous rage, he begins running loose through the city, leaving dead bodies in his wake. Director Kim Ki-dok shot this film in "real time," during less than four hours in one afternoon, using an armada of 20 cameras set up in different locations. 95 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Som (The Isle) (2000)

Directed by Ki-duk Kim. An isolated girl lives by selling food to the fishermen during the daytime and her body at night. One day, she rescues ex-cop Hee-jin who wants to commit suicide. Soon, an intense relationship builds between the two in which the jealous Hee-jin starts to brutally dispatch any competition for her affections. 100 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Sopyonje (1993)

Directed by Kwon-taek Im. The specifically Korean tradition that is reclaimed in Sopyonje is the type of folk-song known as p?ansori, described as a musical sublimation of southwest Korea's collective grief and suffering - in other words, a kind of blues. The film's three central characters are itinerant p?ansori singers in the 1950s, a time when many aspects of Korean culture came under siege from Japanese and western influences.

Sorum (South Korea, 2001)

Directed by Yoon Jong-chan. Cast: Kim Myong-min, Chang Chin-yong, Ki Chu-bong, Cho An, Kim Ki-hyon. Looking for a fresh start, a young taxi driver moves into apartment #504 of a crumbling tenement. He soon discovers the previous tenant died mysteriously, and everyone on the floor is somehow connected to the dead man. After befriending the troubled neighbor living a few doors down, he stumbles into an affair that sends them both down a dark path. But there's something else odd about the atmosphere in the run-down building.

Spring in my Hometown (Arumdaun sijol) (1998)

Directed by Kwangmo Lee. A heart-warming story examining the turbulent period of the Korean War through the eyes of a little boy who lives in a backwater village. Set in the early 1950s when the US military presence was predominant in Korea, the film depicts the life of an older generation from a child's perspective. Two children peep through the hole in the fence of an abandoned mill and chance upon the scene of one child's mother having sex with an American soldier and now their world can never be the same.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Boksuneun naui geot)(2002)

Directed by Chan-wook Park. Cast: Song Kang-Ho, Shin Ha-Kyun, Bae Doo-Na. A deaf-mute needs to raise money for a kidney transplant for his sister's life-saving operation. He kidnaps an wealthy businessman's daughter, but a tragic accident sets both him and the child's father on fateful paths of vengeance. Special features: Interview with Park Chan-Wook, production featurettes, cast and crew interviews, teasers and trailers. 129 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Take Care of My Cat (Goyangileul butaghae) (2001)

Directed by Jae-eun Jeong. Cast: Doo-na Bae, Yo-won Lee, Ji-young Ok, Eun-shil Lee, Eun-joo Lee, Tae-kyung Oh. This film tenderly and unsentimentally charts the paths of four modern South Korean women as they navigate the hazards of young adulthood. 112 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database