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Intersexuality and Gender Mutability

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She

Explores the lives of those who do not conform to rigid gender concepts and examines changes in brain science that are shedding light on grey areas between male and female. The film also explores the serious social and family problems--even dangers--often faced by those whose gender may fall somewhere in between male and female. Dist.: Films Media Group. c2006. 75 min.

No Dumb Questions

The program follows three sisters, Ages 6, 9 and 11, as they struggle to understand why and how Uncle Bill is becoming Aunt Barbara. With just weeks until Bill's first visit as Barbara the sisters navigate the complex territories of anatomy, sexuality, personality, gender and fashion. Produced, directed & edited by Melissa Regan. 2001. 24 min.

Paper Dolls

After closing the border to Palestinian workers, Israeli authorities enticed foreigners to fill gaps in the job market. Filipinos in various stages of gender transition came as caregivers to elderly, orthodox Jewish men. These individuals who see themselves in a female persona, shunned by their families and communities at home, build new lives in Israel. On their nights off, the workers perform as a drag queen ensemble, 'Paper Dolls,' in Tel Aviv nightclubs. Although the troupe's members enjoy Israel's liberal atmosphere, they are still outsiders and are always treated as such.

Paradise Bent: Boys will be Girls in Samoa

An exploration of the Samoan faafafine, boys who are raised as girls, who fulfill a traditional role in Samoan culture. In the past they have shared women's traditional work but today are becoming more westernized and look more like drag queens. Several anthropologists comment on the phenomenon examining issues of culture and gender and the complexities of sexual identity. Produced & directed by Heather Croall. c1999. 50 min.
Reviews and articles:

Prodigal Sons

Returning home to Montana for her high school reunion, filmmaker Kimberly Reed (previously the school quarterback and now a transgender woman) hopes for reconciliation with her long-estranged adopted brother. But along the way she uncovers stunning revelations, intense sibling rivalries, and unforeseeable twists of plot and gender that force them to face challenges no one could imagine. Special features: Doc short: The Return of Prodigal Sons; questions & answers with Rick Moody & others; words from the family. Directed by Kimberly Reed. 2008. 86 min.


Regretters gives heartfelt voice to two transgendered people who underwent sex change surgery to become women. Now, years later, they would like to return to their original, masculine selves. Through their experiences we learn how very complicated gender identity is; morphing from one gender to another is not accomplished solely by sexual reassignment surgery. Orlando and Mikael are Swedish, now in their sixties. Meeting for the first time, they face one another on a stage and engage in a spontaneous dialogue.

Sex: Unknown

Explores gender identity and gender reassignment with contributions of psychologists and researchers, and through personal insights from the Reimer family, including candid, heartrending interviews with JanetReimer and her son, who ultimately rejected his female identity and is now living as a man. Also includes the work of early sex researcher John Money who persuaded the Reimer parents to surgically alter their child after an accident destroyed his genitalia. 2001. 60 min.

Sexuality (Taboo series)

How far would you go to change your sexual identity? In Albania, a group of sworn virgins discard their female identities and live as men. In Thailand, a man changes his sex through surgery. In India, meet Mona, a eunuch. Originally broadcast on the National Georgaphic Channel in 2004. 48 min.

She's a Boy I Knew

Using archival family footage, interviews, phone messages, and animation, Haworth's documentary begins in 2000 with Steven Haworth's decision to come out to his family about his life-long female gender identity. The resulting autoethnography is not only an exploration into the filmmaker's process of transition from biological male to female, from Steven to Gwen, but also an emotionally charged account of the individual experiences, struggles, and stakes that her two sisters, mother, father, best friend and wife brought to Gwen's transition.

Shinjuku Boy

This documentary reveals the complexity of female sexuality in Japan through the lives of three annabes who work as hosts at the New Marilyn Club in Tokyo. Annabes are women who live as men and have girlfriends, although they don't usually identify themselves as lesbians. All three talk frankly about their gender-bending lives revealing their views about women, sex, transvestitism and lesbianism. Alternating with these interviews are sequences shot inside the club, patronized almost exclusively by heterosexual women who have become disappointed with men.