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Gender & Women's Studies

Chain of Love (Keten van liefde)

A documentary examining the Philippines' second largest export product--maternal love [domestic workers]--and how this export affects the women involved, their families in the Philippines, and families in the West. The money the expatriates earn in the West is sent home to the Philippines, where local help is hired to look after their children. This money is the Philippines' largest source of income in foreign currency. 2001. 50 min.

Changing Culture: The Men's Movement

Men are marching on Washington, finding religion, taking on new community responsibilities, bonding with each other, weeping openly and discussing their relationships. Just what has prompted these changes in behavior? Some say it is the outcome of the feminist movement and the resulting change in male roles. Perhaps. This program profiles the new "men's movement, "explores the various reasons why men become involved in these movements and examines the implications for men and women in the 21st century. Dist.: Films Media Group. 1998. 29 min.

Changing Images: Confronting Career Stereotypes.

Examines influence of sex role stereotypes in the career expectations of elementary school children. 1975. 16 min.

Chapter XV:12

In this documentary a call-girl in Brazil opens her heart in a free association monologue to reveal her true feelings. Directed and edited by Fernando Pinheiro. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2006. 12 min.


Employs Mexican murals, rare photographs, prints, and documentary footage to trace the traditional and the emerging roles of Mexican/Chicanas from pre-Columbian times to the present, showing how women have made important contributions as workers, mothers, activists, educators, leaders, and in numerous other ways, despite their generally oppressed status in the Latino culture. 23 min.

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Chicano Park.

The history and culture of the Chicano people, who were involved in the establishment of Chicano Park, San Diego, Calif. in 1978. 59 min.

Chicken Ranch: A Legal Brothel in Nevada.

Documentary about the prostitutes employed on the Chicken Ranch, one of the 38 legal brothels in Nevada. A film by Nick Broomfield & Sandy Sissel. 1983. 84 min.

China's Lost Girls.

Examines the consequences of China's two-decade-old, "one-child policy" designed to curb the country's exploding population. Due to cultural, social and economic factors, traditional preference leans toward boys, so girls are often hidden, aborted, or abandoned. As a result, tens of thousands of girls end up in orphanages across China. The program follows American families as they travel to China to adopt some of these girls. c2004. 43 min.

China's One Child Policy

Twenty-five years after its institution, assesses the success of China's controversial "one child" policy and the impact it has had on ordinary families through interviews with middle-class Beijing families to those in poor rural areas. Population growth has been slowed, but at an enormous social cost: A generation without siblings; abortion of female foetuses; imbalance between the sexes and a real concern that the policy has created a generation of spoilt children, so-called "Little emperors and empresses." 2005. 22 min.

China's Only Child.

Discusses the crash program to control population growth in China by limiting the birth of a child to one per family for the next thirty years. c1984.