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East Asian Studies

Traditional Crafts of Japan.

Weaving. 1992. ; Ceramics. 1992. ; Woodworking 1992. ; Papermaking. 1992. 25 min ea. .

Traditional Japanese Architecture.

Shows the Katsura Detached Palace in Kyoto, an example of the best in traditional Japanese architectural technique and design. 1989. 30 min.

Traditional Korean Houses.

Shows the types of housing used in Korea from prehistoric times to the Choson period. Includes tours of architectural sites, furniture, and interior decoration with expert commentary. Sun-kyo jang -- Prehistoric residential site in Amsa-dong, Seoul -- Restored ancient tomb from Koguryo Kingdom -- Kaya Kingdom -- Shilla Kingdom -- Oh-jook-hun -- Yangdong Folk Village -- Kwan-gwa Jung -- Hyang-dahn -- House of Woi-sung -- Pyongnae-dong, Mikeum -- Dok-rak-dang -- Yun-kyung-dang. Commentary: Dr. Hahn Jae-soo (Korean architect). 29 min.

Tsubaki Grand Shrine: A Shrine for all Seasons.

This documentary focuses on a year in the life of one of Japan's oldest and greatest Shinto shrines, the Tsubaki Grand Shrine (the first shrine in the ancient province of Ise). Various rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations are held at the shrine throughout the year. 1990. 40 min.

Welcome to North Korea

This film, shot mostly covertly, shows a regime where 20 million people live in poverty, some on the brink of starvation, while the former dictator Kim II Sung and his son built extravagant monuments to reflect their power. The film crew was not allowed to interview people at random and those selected to speak gave an idealized image of the regime. Includes footage shot secretly by a Chinese relief organization which attests to a generation dying from starvation and disease, and suffering terrible human rights abuses.

Who's the Enemy? (Made in America; 1).

Asian countries are trying to leapfrog out of third-world status by building a well-educated workforce, and even some places in the U. S. are trying to lure high-tech industries with the same approach. So whose fault is it that Japan took almost the whole consumer electronics industry away from the United States? 1992. 50 min.

Will the Dragon Rise Again? (The Genius That Was China).

This program shows that contemporary China has made an effort to master the modern and technological skills needed to survive in a global market, although it still lags behind the Western world and Japan. Also addresses the issues of scientific technology and political goals. 1990. 58 min.

Zen and I: A Self-Portrait: Great Turtle Priest, Tachibana Taiki, Chief Abbot of Daitoku Temple, Kyoto.

A day in the life of the most powerful Zen priest in Japan, called "the great turtle priest." Tachibana Taiki, Chief Abbot of Daitoku Temple, Kyoto, discusses the meaning of Zen, his opinion of "bogus Zen" and explores the profound Zen question "after satori (enlightenment) what?" 1975. 27 min.