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East Asian Cinema

Bungee Jumping of Their Own (Bonji jompu rul hada) (2001)

Directed by Dai-Seung Kim. Two university students fall in love in 1983 but on the night the man must leave for the military, the woman disappears and they never see each other again. Seventeen years later the man is now a high school teacher, and one of his male students bears an uncanny resemblance to his old girlfriend. 101 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Burmese Harp (Biruma no tategoto) (1956)

Director: Kon Ichikawa. Following the actions of a young Japanese officer separated from his battalion at the close of the Pacific War in Burma, the film shows one man's journey from the comforts of companionship in adversity to a solitary confrontation with, and the eventual grasp of, mass death in the name of patriotism. 116 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie DatabaseReviews and articles: Allyn, John. Kon Ichikawa : a guide to references and resources Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, 1985.

Butterfly and Sword (Hsin liu hsing hu tieh chien) (Taiwan, Hong Kong, 1993)

Directed by Mai Tang-chieh. In this spectacular swordfighting tale the loyalist famous foursome parry and trust their way through a deliriously paced yarn as they attempt to keep the King's empire from being overthrown by a revolutionary group. 86 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Cafe Lumiere (Kohi jiko) (2003)

Director: Hou Hsiao-Hsien. In a residential Tokyo neighborhood, Yoko, a freelance writer, becomes pregnant and chooses, against tradition and her parents' wishes, to raise the baby alone. In her loneliness and confusion, Yoko befriends the owner of a second-hand bookstore, who silently falls in love with her as she contemplates the choice she has made. 104 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Carnival in the Night (Yami no kanibaru) (1982)

Director: Yamamoto Masashi. Cast: Ota Kumiko, Kuwabara Enkyo, Edo Akemi, Endo Michiro. Punk rocker Kumi leaves her son with her ex-husband and sets off on an unusual journey through Tokyo's underbelly, with each person she meets being stranger than the last, and each encounter more disturbing. 108 min.

Castle of Sand (Suna no utsuwa) (1974)

Directed by Yoshitaro Nomura. Cast: Tanba Tetsuro-, Kato- Go-, Morita Kensaku, Shimada Yo-ko. Two detectives are assigned to investigate the murder of a 60-year-old policeman at the Tokyo Railway Station. The victim is well-liked and benevolent and there does not seem to be any motivation to the murder. A further investigation finally leads to the discovery of the hidden past of a young rising composer. Based on the novel by Matsumoto Seicho. 143 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Centre Stage (Ruan Lingyu) (Hong Kong, 1992)

Directed by Stanley Kwan. Cast: Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Liang Jiahui, Liu Jialing. Dramatized biography based on the life of the Chinese silent movie actress Ruan Ling-yu, of the 1930s. Tells the sad story of a young woman who is rescued from poverty to show business and is subsequently destroyed by it. 121 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database
Reviews and articles:

Chichi ariki(1942)

Directed by Yasujiro Ozu. Cast: Ryu-Chishu, Sano Shu-ji, Tsuda Haruhiko, Saburi Shin, Sakamoto Takeshi, Mito Mitsuko, O-tsuka Masayoshi, Himori Shin'ichi. A widowed high school teacher finds that the more he tries to do what is best for his son's future, the more they are separated. Special feature: New interview with film scholars David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson. 87 min. Credits and other information from the Internet Movie Database

Chinese Animation. Volume 1. (1960-1981)

Contents: Where is Mama (Te Wei, Qian Jiajun, 1960, 10 min.): Pioneering brush-painting animation of a school of tadpoles in search of "mama." Clever Duckling (Yu Zhenguang, 1960, 5 min.): Animation adapted from the folk art of folded paper. One Night in an Art Gallery (A Da, Lin Wenxiao, 1978, 15 min.): This controversial cel animation ostensibly made for children features a sub-text about the reign and fall of the "Gang of Four," the leaders responsible for the devastation of the cultural revolution.

Chinese Animation. Volume 2. (1983-1998)

Contents: Snipe-clam Grapple (Hu Jinqing, 1983, 7 min.): Delicate cut-paper animation drawn from a Chinese proberb. Wanderings of San Mao (A Da, 1984, 10 min.): Features the life of a small orphan boy trying to survive in a war torn world. 36 Characters (A Da, 1984, 12 min.): Authentic Chinese pictograms are used for the humans and animals in this ancient Chinese story. Selecting Beauty (Wang Shuchen, 1987, 8 min.): A cel animation feature showing the way in which royalty choose their wives.