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Chicano & Latino Art & Culture

A Bowl of Beings.

Deftly employing comedic styles from the Marx Brothers to Sam Kinison, Culture Clash, a group of Mexican American comedians, gives a powerful demonstration of Chicano wisdom, art and wit. 55 min. Online Access through LFLFC. [preservation copy]

Accordion Dreams

A documentary featuring yesterday's and today's accordion players that define Texas Mexican Music. The arrival of the European button accordion to Texas and its merging with traditional Mexican songs gave birth to an explosive new sound, from lively polkas to smooth waltzes, an exhilarating musical style that is rapidly gaining fans worldwide. This program also looks at today's young accordionists who have expanded this musical style to include rock, blues, and pop. c2000. 57 min.

Bettina Gray Speaks with Luis Valdez

Bettina Gray interviews Luis Valdez, the celebrated founder of the Teatro Campesino, the West Coast theatrical group that has given voice to the struggles of Chicano farm workers. As a child, Valdez picked fruit alongside his father in California's fertile valleys. In this program, he describes how he became a playwright and director and explains how his plays retrace the experience of Chicano families. Recorded on location at the Mexican Museum, San Francisco. Dist.: Films Media Group. c2003. 26 min.

Bombing L.A.

Film surveys different viewpoints on graffiti in Los Angeles through interviews with grafitti/street artists, property owners, police and citizens of Los Angeles. The question of graffiti as a public art form or a disfigurement of public property is investigated. Film also examines the role graffiti plays in Los Angeles youth gangs. 1988. 35 min.

Challenging Hispanic Stereotypes: Arturo Madrid.

Arturo Madrid, a Hispanic educator, has devoted himself to challenging the stereotypes that keep Hispanics outside the American mainstream. In this film Moyers and Madrid discuss the controversy surrounding bilingual education and the state of education, in general, for Hispanic people. Dist.: Films Media Group. 30 min.

Chicano Rock!: The Sounds of East Los Angeles

A look at the generations of young Mexican-Americans who express their heritage through music. Features rare film, photos, and music from artists such as Lalo Guerrero and Ritchie Valens, Cannibal and the Headhunters, Tierra, Thee Midniters, El Chicano, Los Lobos, and more. 60 min.

Chulas Fronteras.

Features music and culture of Mexican-Americans living in southern Texas, showing food preparation, family life, dances, fieldwork,and other social activities. A film by Les Blank. Dist.: Flower Films. 1976. 58 min.

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Companeras: The Story of the First All-female Mariachi Band

An intimate profile of America's first all-female mariachi band: Mariachi Reyna de Los Angeles. Since 1994, this 12-member group has been taking on a male-dominated musical tradition and building the popularity of mariachi music. A film by Elizabeth Massie & Matthew Buzzell. 60 min. 2008.
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Corpus: A Home Movie for Selena

Corpus focuses on the singer's fans -- the people on both sides of the border who saw in Selena a symbol of hope and cultural pride, and the chance to emerge from a background of poverty and despair to achieve personal and professional success. The film is structured around interviews with personal friends and family of Selena as well as fans who never met the star but consider her part of their lives.


Examines the influence of Corridos, Mexican and Mexican American ballads, which celebrate popular heroes and folk tales and provide a sense of history and standards of public morality. Includes performances of Corridos in a program originally produced for stage, with historical and critical commentary between performances. Performers: Clancy Brown, Evelyn Cisneros, George Galvan, Sal Lopez, Alma Martinez, Linda Ronstadt, Daniel Valdez, Luis Valdez. c1989. 58 min.