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Business & Economics

Dances with the Dragon. Part I.

The first of a two part documentary exploring US-China trade relations through frank interviews in China and the U.S. with families, street vendors and workers as well as the "professionals" in the field of U.S.-China relations. Part one introduces the subject by revealing some conflicts and common grounds on issues like the growth of trade, trade deficits, an open Chinese market, China's entry into the World Trade Organization and trade-related social problems. In English and Chinese with English subtitles. 1999. 50 min.

Dances with the Dragon. Part II.

The second of a two part documentary exploring US-China trade relations through frank interviews in China and the U.S. with families, street vendors and workers as well as the "professionals" in the field of U.S.-China relations. Part two focuses on obstacles and issues related to U.S.-China trading relations such as cultural differences, intellectual property rights, human rights, China's only-child family policy and cultural exchanges, concluding with the similarities between the two countries in their expectations for the next generation. In English and Chinese with English subtitles.

Deadly Embrace: Nicaragua, The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Discusses the role of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in the destruction of the Nicaraguan economy. Explains how structural adjustment, the international debt crisis, and free trade are hurting the people and economies of Third World countries. 1996. 30 min.

Der VW Komplex.

A documentary about the Volkswagen Company and the VW Beetle automobile "created for the broad cross section of the general public" as announced by Hitler. This film includes extensive views of the interiors of Volkswagen factories and the process of manufacturing the automobile against the backdrog of the history of Germany, labor history, the development of the German automobile industry and the eventual international market for the VW bug.1989. 90 min.

Dirty Business: Food Exports to the United States.

Discusses the move of multinational agribusiness to Mexico and the problems they are creating due to environmental pollution and low wages for workers. c1990. 15 min.

Diverted to Delhi

The toll-free telephone numbers used to place orders are often answered thousands of miles away by Indians trained to speak and think like Americans, or Brits or Australians. This film follows a group of university graduates through a rigorous 3-week course which they hope will prepare them for prestigious, well paying positions in these call centers. Over 200 of the U.S. Fortune 500 companies now choose to service their clients via Indian call centers where labor and set-up costs are low and the staff highly educated. c2002. 55 min.

Dotcoms Gone Bust

Through interviews with dotcom employees and venture capitalists, examines what prompted otherwise responsible investors and stock analysts to buy into the visions of the Internet dream and dotcom mania. Tracks the fortunes of TheGlobe.com and Pseudo.com after the Internet bubble burst. Looks at bottom-feeder Overstock.com, which is profiting from the tech wreck, and DigitalCity.com, which sold out to AOL before the dotcom bomb. c2001. 23 min.

Dreams on Hold

Investigates changes in the American standard of living, showing that the gap between rich and poor is growing alarmingly and that the nation's middle class is actually shrinking. Profiles a number of people at varying levels of the economic scale and examines the effects of such trends as underemployment, the shift to a service economy, and the dependence of families on two paychecks. Produced, directed and written by Robert Gardner. 1986. 20 min.

East Africa, Pathway to Growth

Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda are overcoming the legacy of central planning and charting a course from poverty to prosperity. Taking control of their own destiny, these countries have embarked on a voyage of economic recovery which depends on peace, political stability and commitment to reform, and the support of the international community, in which the International Monetary Fund is crucial. 1999. 47 min.

Ebony Towers (America Beyond the Color Line)

The existence of a small group of African-Americans at the heart of the corporate and political establishment is something that, just two decades ago, seemed unimaginable. How did they get there and what is the significance of their success? Beginning at Harvard University, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. travels to New York City and Washington, D.C. to ask if this new black elite represents genuine progress for black America as a whole. Interviewees include Colin Powell, Russell Simmons, Vernon Jordan, and many others.