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Business & Economics

Black Sugar.

Examines the mistreatment of Haitian laborers hired to cut sugar cane on plantations owned by the Dominican Republic State Sugar Council. Describes fraudulent recruitment promises, the practice of confiscating workers' official papers, extremely low wages, and the squalor, disease, and hunger of the work camps. 1989. 58 min.

Blind Spot: Peak Oil & the Coming Global Crisis

A documentary about the current oil and energy crisis exploring the energy depletion scenerio of "Peak Oil" and its implications for the future of civilization. Includes interviews with sociologist William R. Catton, evolutionary biologist Jason Bradford, environmental analyst Lester Brown, NASA's James Hansen, author Bill McKibben, and others. Directed, photographed and edited by Adolfo Doring. 2009. 54 min.
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Blood and Oil

This film unearths declassified documents and highlights forgotten passages in prominent presidential doctrines to show how concerns about oil have been at the core of American foreign policy for more than 60 years -- rendering our contemporary energy and military policies virtually indistinguishable. Based on the book Blood and oil by Michael T. Klare. Directed by Jeremy Earp. c2008. 52 min.

Bombay Calling

Well educated English-speaking youth in India, eager to cash in on the global gold rush of telemarketing jobs from the West are willing to sacrifice almost anything to do it. For their efforts, they are paid more money than their parents ever dreamed of earning. And they spend it, frequenting a new brand of all-night discos that cater to their unusual office hours. In Bombay Calling, filmmakers Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal dive into the bustling world of late nights, long hours and hard partying in Bombay.

Boom: The Sound of Eviction

Explores the relationships between the dot-com boom and bust and community displacement and gentrification in the San Francisco Bay Area. Features interviews with dot-com workers, developers, the Mayor, and the community that challenged their new economic order. 2001. 96 min.

Borderline Cases: Environmental Matters at the United States-Mexico Border.

A documentary describing the consequences of 25 years of environmental neglect by factories along the U.S./Mexico border focusing on the cities of Brownsville, Matamoros, Tijuana, San Diego, Ciudad Juarez and El Paso. It chronicles the 5 year bi-national effort to craft remedies to the border's deteriorating environmental conditions by a diverse mix of people of both countries from grass-roots activists to government, academic and industrial leaders. 1997. 65 min.

Brazil. (Emerging Powers)

Examines Brazil's changing economy. Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America, but a long history of inflation and corruption. Includes an interview with President Fernando Henrique Cardoso describing the steps his administration has taken to open up and privatize Brazil's market. Includes interviews with Rogerio Braga who is transforming Brazilian orange farming, with Jose Midlin who is a global power in autoparts and a visit to Sao Paulo's fast-growing stock exchange. 1996. 50 min.

Breaking the Bank

Through interviews with demonstration organizers, protestors and journalists, documents the issues surrounding the protests against the WTO and IMF meetings in Seattle and in Washington D.C. 2000. 74 min.

Breaking the Bank

In September 2008 the American economy was on the verge of melting down. This documentary draws on a rare combination of high-profile interviews with key players Ken Lewis (Bank of America) and former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain to reveal the story of two banks at the heart of the financial crisis, the rocky merger, and the government's new role in taking over -- some call it "nationalizing" -- the American banking system. Written and directed by Michael Kirk. 2009.

Bryan Magee Talks to Peter Singer about Hegel and Marx

Peter Singer of Princeton University discusses rational Hegelian philosophy and the historicism and organicism at its root. Hegel's concept of a model of reality as ultimately spiritual and of philosophy as organic and constantly changing, is examined. The theories of Karl Marx are discussed as essentially Hegelian but with a practical, economic spin. Originally broadcast in 1987 as a segment of the television program: Great philosophers, a history of western philosophy. Dist: Films Media Group. 45 min.