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Art History & Practice

Eternal Beauty: Vision and Death Wish in the Third Reich

No other totalitarian regime is as closely associated with an artistic movement as Nazi Germany. From the towering architecture of Albert Speer to the grandiose films of Leni Riefenstahl, art fed into and shaped Nazi ideals, reflecting back a world where Aryan strength triumphs over all enemies. Through art on a monumental scale, Hitler created a world--and a worldview--as enticing as it was illusory...a world of eternal beauty.


An outgrowth of Fauvism, Expressionism emphasized color's emotional properties while demonstrating far less concern than the Fauves had with the formal and structural composition of color. Filmed at many museums on both sides of the Atlantic, this program critically examines key masterpieces of Expressionism.

Face of the Gods.

Robert Farris Thompson, currator. Tour of an exhibition which explores the altar as a focus of ritual and art. Organized by The Museum for African Art, New York, the exhibition examines artistic traditions transmitted from Africa to the Western Hemisphere during the last two centuries through altars and over 120 works of sculpture, pottery, and textiles.

Five Perspectives on Thai Art (Integrative arts of modern Thailand)

Explores the work of Aboriginal artists and examines the controversies that surround their work. 1991. 17 min.

From the Ashes

Profiles ten artists who lived in lower Manhattan at the time of the terrorist attack. Includes interviews with the artists who relate their experiences of September 11, 2001, how they picked up the shattered pieces of their lives and struggled to redefine the meaning of their art. Presents scenes of lower Manhattan in the days following the attack, as the artists clean up their homes, share housing with friends, and begin to get back to work and normal life.

From the Heart.

This film explores twentieth-century art by women, focusing on nine of the thirteen artists whose works compose the Gihon art collection: Works by Women (Lynda Benglis, Nancy Chambers, Clyde Connell, Janet Fish, Janet, Hermine Ford, Dorothy Hood, Dorothy, Mary F. McCleary, Gael Stack, Dee Wolff). The artists provide the dialogue, about artistic techniques employed, family background, philosophy of art, self-criticism, and success. 1998? 57 min.

Fruhstuck und Kuchenmagd (Breakfast table and kitchen maid)

The laid table is a popular theme in 17th century painting. This film examines a breakfast piece painted in 1670 by Wolfgang Heimbach (ca. 1615-1678). [198-?] 11 min.

Futurist Life Redux

The first Futurist film ever made, "Vita Futurista" was created in 1916 by Arnaldo Ginna and other artists. The only known copy of this film is lost. Now, an extraordinary group of contemporary film and video artists create a brand new version for the twenty-first century. Featuring the work of: Trisha Baga, chameckilerner, Martha Colburn, Ben Coonley, George Kuchar, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Shana Moulton, Shannon Plumb, Aida Ruilova, Matthew Silver and Shoval Zohar (The Future), Michael Smith. Produced by Performa ; curated by Lana Wilson and Andrew Lampert. 2011. 46 min.

Germany - Dada: An Alphabet of German Dadaism. (Museum Without Walls)

Deals with aims and activities of the revolutionary group of artists and writers who made up the Dadaist movement in Germany. Filmed in the true Dadaist spirit with the cooperation of two original Dadaists, Hans Richter and Richard Huelsenbeck. c1986. 55 min.

Graffiti Verite: Read the Writing on the Wall.

Los Angeles graffiti artists discuss the themes and motivations of their work, and how they evolved from taggers to artists. Several are shown at work on projects, indoors as well as outside. The history and significance of graffiti is addressed, as is its role in the Hip Hop culture. Written, produced, and directed by Bob Bryan. c1995. 45 min.