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Art in Asia & Oceanea

Abode of Illusion: The Life and Art of Chang Dai-chien (1899-1983)

Explores the life and work of Chang Daichien, an artist who symbolizes a bridge between China's past and present, as well as between East and West. Chang was the first Chinese artist to achieve international recognition, both through his original works as well as through his skills at emulating--and forging--past masterpieces. Produced and directed by Carma Hinton and Richard Gordon [in association with the Long Bow Group]. Dist.: Direct Cinema. 1994. 60 min.

Art in the Cultural Revolution.

Examines the Communist Party's rigorously enforced art policies during China's Cultural Revolution from 1966-1976, when pictorial artists were given strict aesthetic guidelines for the production of works designed to promote the ideology and imagery of Mao Tse-tung's illusory new society.

Art of Indonesia: Tales From the Shadow world.

Explores Indonesia's ancient treasures and its "shadow world"--the rituals, myths, and performances by which the harmony of the universe is maintained. c1990. 28 min.

Chinese Art: Treasures of the National Palace Museum

This program spotlights thirty-three works of Chinese art seldom seen outside of the National Palace Museum. Spanning approximately 5,000 years of history, this diverse collection of pieces includes a Neolithic pottery jar, bronze vessels, a Tang figurine in sancai glaze, a Ming cup in doucai enamels, and a Qing cylindrical curio cabinet. Dist.: Films Media Group. c1999. 41 min.


In this documentary filmmaker Jia Zhangke travels with modern realist Chinese painter Liu Xiao-dong to locations in the Three Gorges Dam area where he paints a quintych (5 large connecting mural paintings) of 11 sturdy demolition workers. The scene then shifts to Bangkok, Thailand where painter Liu poses 11 young women in languorous poses around bedding and pillows in a parallel situation to the Chinese workers. 2006. 70 min.

Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia.

This is a journey to the scarred heartlands and lush mangroves of Australia to see traditional Aboriginal artists at work. Explores the meaning and legends behind works of immense beauty, ranging from acrylic dot paintings of the Central Desert to cross hatched bark paintings and burial poles from Northern Australia. c1988. 30 min.
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Five Perspectives on Thai Art (Integrative arts of modern Thailand)

Explores the work of Aboriginal artists and examines the controversies that surround their work. 1991. 17 min.

Inner Visions: Avant-Garde Art in China.

Set in Beijing, this documentary examines artists in post-Mao China who are turning inward, looking at their own emotions and personalities as a source of artistic inspiration. This inward focus, learned from Western philosophy and modern art concepts is considered avant-garde. Throughout, the narrator provides a historical and social context for the rise of modern art in China, and the artists share their histories from childhood during the Cultural Revolution to coming of age as China opens its doors to the West. 1993. 29 min.

Korean Painting.

A historical overview of the works of Korean painters and the techniques and styles unique to Korean painting. 1982. 32 min.

Korean Traditional Pattern

Describes the relationship between Korean symbolism and things found in nature from ancient times through today. Opens with Korean designed garments and fabrics at a fashion show in Paris. Also shows Korean fabric designers at work. 1994. 38 min.