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Aging & the Elderly Social & Economic Issues

A Matter of Indifference

Presents a critique of society's ambivalence toward the aged. Includes an interview with Maggie Kuhn, founder of the Gray Panther movement. 1974. 50 min.

All of Our Lives

Examines the plight of aging women, many of whom must face their later years stranded without a pension and financially insecure. Producer/director, Laura Sky. c1984. 28 min.

Can't Afford To Grow Old

Describes the problems faced by the elderly in obtaining and paying for nursing and health care. Explores who will pay for their care and questions whether as individuals or society we can afford to grow old. Producer/director/writer, Roger Weisberg. c1989. 59 min.

Forward in Time: Productive Aging in America

Through interviews with a variety of older Americans in their 60s, 70s and 80s, reflects the majority of active and healthy seniors who utilize productive aging skills and techniques to enjoy a higher quality of life and more creative retirement. 2003. 59 min.

Fragile Ladies.

Interviews with homeless women in New York City, interviews with two directors of homeless shelters and excerpts of commentary and speeches from the New York State Assembly public hearing on the homeless held on September 19, 1981. 25 min.

Life Worth Living: An Introduction to the Principles and Practices of the Eden Alternative.

Explores components of The Eden Alternative, a new approach developed by Dr. William H. Thomas, which addresses the problem of improving resident quality of life in long term care facilities. This film tours several Eden homes and explores the impact the project has on residents, staff and families. 1997. 30 min.

Maggie Kuhn Speaks[Sound Recording]

Maggie Kuhn talks of aging, the value of our eleders and makes suggestions for intergenerational living. 43 min.

Our Havens

Documentary film views change in the context of three average middle-class urban Indian families and in particular the plight of the old and alone in the new India. 2002. 30 min.

Shopping Bag Ladies.

Interviews with homeless and poor women who carry their possessions with them in "shopping bags" as they live and sleep in the streets. 1977. 45 min. 3/4" UMATIC

Sustaining Community Living Among the Oldest Old: Health and Service Issues

Examines the needs created by the vulnerabilities the very old face and the processes by which these needs are addressed: Through the actions of families and informal social networks, the responses of social service institutions, the role of the health care system and most importantly, the coping skills of the elderly individual. Part of the Wellness lecture series sponsored by the California Wellness Foundation, the University of California and Health Net. 1992. 40 min.