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African American Studies

Almost Down to the Shore: African American Families During Emancipation.

Letters, diary entries, affidavits, etc. of persons associated with the emancipation of slavery read aloud; accompanied by photographs. 35 min.

America Beyond the Color Line

Harvard professor Louis Henry Gates travels to the East coast, the deep South, inner city Chicago, and Hollywood to interview influential African Americans and investigate their views on the status of black Americans at the start of the new century. 2003. Dist.: PBS. 220 min. Black Hollywood Does the increasing success of African-Americans as film actors, directors, and producers signal a genuine shift in the role of race and the influence of people of color in the movie business? In this program, Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

America in Black and White. Racial Profiling and Law Enforcement

For many African-Americans, simply having dark skin seems to be grounds for being pulled over by police and searched for drugs. Police call it "profiling," based on years of successful drug interdiction through traffic stops, but angry and humiliated victims call it "racial profiling," a blatant form of discrimination. This investigative report examines the issue from the victim's point of view as well as through the eyes of the police. Originally broadcast as segments of: Nightline. Dist.: Films Media Group. 1998. 44 min.

America's War on Poverty.

Produced and directed by Susan Bellows. Produced by Blackside, Inc. 57 min ea. In this Affluent Society. In the early 1960s, hundreds of Kentucky coal miners are displaced by machines and strike out at their former employers. Millions of others displaced by machines across Appalachia and the rural South head north to begin a new life in Chicago, where they face overcrowded tenements and schools, and the familiar inequities of segregation.

American Cultural History: Racism

Don't be a sucker / U.S. War Department (1947, 18 min.) -- Integration, Report 1 / Andover Productions (1960, 21 min.) -- Let us break bread together / City of New York, Board of Education (1954, 26 min.) Don't be a sucker: Uses the example of Nazi Germany to drive home the point that American's should not be fooled by people who wage a war against minorities. It warns them not to be "a sucker" and to live in harmony despite differences of color, race or religion.

American Pimp

In this documentary Albert and Allen Hughes turn their cameras on the world of street pimps in variousAmerican cities. The Black urban pimps interviewed reveal their world and their secrets in a film that is all about power and money. These men exude charm and charisma and boast rock star status in their communities. People are lured by the glamour and money, only to be used as commodities and tossed out once they have passed their prime.


Documentary about the escalation and diversity of the anti-Vietnam War protest movement on the homefront. Includes conversations with Vietnam vets, teenagers, and Afro-American militants. Graphically depicts the hightened incidents of mass protest and police repression. Originally produced as a documentary film in 1969. 33 min.

Amos and Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy

Takes a fond look at the controversial radio and television show and attempts to determine if the series was a positive first step for Blacks into the world of entertainment or not and examines the events that led to the show's expulsion from the airwaves in 1966 after complaints from civil rights activists. Highlighted with rare clips of radio show creators Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll, and hilarious clips from the Amos n' Andy TV series. Commentary by Alvin Childress, Ernestine Wade, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Redd Foxx, Marla Gibbs, and Henry Lee Moon. 1983. 60 min.

An American Love Story.

Contents: v. 1. Episode 1. Welcome to America. Episode 2. A piece of the puzzle is missing -- v. 2. Episode 3. I've fallen and I can't get up. Episode 4. It's another new year and I ain't gone -- v. 3. Episode 5. Chaney & the boy. Episode 6. You & me against the world -- v. 4. Episode 7. True love. Episode 8. Marion truth -- v. 5. Episode 9. It's my job. Episode 10. We were never Ozzie and Harriet.

Anarchy U.S.A.

This radical anti-negro, anti-communist, anti-civil rights propaganda documentary was made shortly after the Watts riots. Employing newsreel footage this film traces the methods used by communists to take over China, Cuba and Algeria, and then attempts to demonstrate that the same tactics have been used by the U.S. civil rights movement. 78 min.