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African American History 1950 to 1970 & Civil Rights Movement

[Malcolm X] Malcolm X: Nationalist or Humanist?

This film includes newsreel footage of several of his most important speeches, as well as events leading up to and following his assassination. An on-camera interview with Malcom's widow, Betty Shabazz, filmed shortly after her husband's death, is the moving backdrop for this brief but powerful documentary. 14 min.

[Malcolm X] Malcolm X: UC Berkeley Interview, October 1963

Malcolm X, being interviewed by Professor John Leggett and Herman Blake (graduate student) (Dept. of Sociology) at the University of California, Berkeley in October 1963, discusses being a Black Muslim, the conditions of Blacks in this country, their relation with white people, and states the case for Black separatism. Originally recorded October 11, 1963, Lecture #22, Sociology 1-A, University of California, Berkeley. 40 min.

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[Malcolm X] Murder of Malcolm X: The Effect on Black America 25 Years Later.

A speech given by Louis Farrakhan, a Black Muslim leader, on the life of Malcolm X. Running time not listed.

[Malcolm X] Race relations in Crisis (An Open Mind Special)

Presents discussions on race relations in America in 1963. On the panel were James Farmer, founder and National Director of CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality; Wyatt Tee Walker, Chief of Staff of the Southern Christian Leadership Congress lead by Martin Luther King; Allan Morrison, New York editor of Ebony magazine; and Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X, striking a contrary and eerily prophetic tone in the midst of this plaintive and urgent discussion.

[Malcolm X] Seven Songs for Malcolm X

A collection of testimonies, eyewitness accounts, and dramatic reenactments which tell of the life, legacy, loves and losses of Malcolm X. 53 min. 1993.

[Malcolm X] The Autobiography of Malcolm X

The book the Autobiography of Malcolm X is an American classic not only for its compelling story, but also for its uncompromising expression of the pain, anger, and violence of black life in a white America. This documentary focuses on the impact the book had on race relations in America. It also scrutinizes the life of Malcolm X himself. Features dramatizations and interviews with Malcolm X's family and friends, as well as scholars and authors. 1999. 53 min.

[Malcolm X] Voices of Courage and Dissent.[Sound recording]

Black Muslims vs the sit-ins": Malcolm X, James Baldwin and Leverne McCummins discuss the position of the Black Muslims (64 min.) -- Disc 3-4. "Prospects for freedom": Malcolm X talks about the need for Black action for civil rights (Jan. 7, 1965, 60 min.) -- Disc 5. "Friends and enemies": Malcolm X (February 15, 1965, 38 min.) -- Disc 6.

[Malcolm X] X 1/2: The Legacy of Malcolm.

Set within the context of current African-American struggles, this provocative video examines the historical and contemporary legacies of Malcolm X. Using mixed media and experimental audio, this video explores Malcolm X's teachings of black pride, unity and self-defense, a new generation's interpretations of his heritage, and a popular culture which tries to commercialize his memory. 41 min.

[Moore, Harry T.] Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore

A documentary film exploring the life and times of a distinguished school teacher whose passionate crusade for equal rights for African Americans could not be discouraged by either the white power structure or the more cautious factions of his own movement. 2000 90 min.