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Agamemnon (Oresteia, Part 1)

Directed by Peter Hall. National Theatre of Great Britain, 1983. The play opens as the Watchman at King Agamemnon's palace sees the beacon that announces the fall of Troy. The chorus of Old Men tell the background to the story of the Trojan War. When Agamemnon returns home after a 10-year absence his queen, Clytemnestra welcomes him, but Cassandra foretells his murder. 90 min.

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Agamemnon (Oresteia, Part 1)

Directors, Peter Meineck and Graham Mitchell London Small Theatre Company, translation for the stage by Peter Meineck, 1991. This full-length modernized production of Aeschylus's play concerning love, war and a curse upon a family is presented by the London Small Theatre Company and features brilliant acting and a powerful new translation for the stage. 108 min.

Choephori: The Libation Bearers (Oresteia, Part 2)

Directed and produced by Peter Hall. National Theatre of Great Britain, 1983. Cast: Greg Hicks, Roger Gartland, Timothy Davies. Orestes, Agamemnon's son, returns from exile and places a lock of his hair on his father's grave. His sister Electra and a chorus of women also come to the grave to pour libations. When Orestes and Electra recognize one another, they swear to avenge their father's death. Orestes disguises himself and goes to the palace to kill his mother. His matricide angers the Furies, and Orestes flees from them to seek the help of Apollo. 70 min.

Eumenides: The Furies (Oresteia, Part 3)

Directed and produced by Peter Hall. National Theatre of Great Britain, 1983. Cast: Greg Hicks, Michael Thomas, Kenny Ireland. Having killed his mother, Orestes flees from the Furies and takes refuge at the shrine of Apollo. But his mother's ghost implores the Furies to bring her murderer to justice. And Athena, goddess of wisdom, must judge between Orestes and the Furies and then persuade the Furies from wreaking havoc on the earth. 70 min.

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Mourning Becomes Electra

Director, Nick Havinga. Cast: Bruce Davison, Joan Hackett, Roberta Maxwell. "Eugene O'Neill's updated version of the Orestaia. In New England, after the American Civil War, a war-weary Agamem--er, Ezra Mannon comes home to his unhappy wife (Christine) and loving daughter (Lavinia). But Lavinia's ex-suitor, Adam Brant, has become Christine's lover, and together Adam and Christine plot to poison Ezra.

Seize the Fire: a Version of Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound

Written by Tom Paulin; produced and directed by Tony Coe. Cast: John Franklyn-Robbins, Kate Binchy, Trevor Nichols, Julia Hills, Stephen Earle. A modern interpretation of the story of Prometheus, an immortal who steals fire from heaven and gives it to mortals. In this version, Prometheus is trapped in concrete rubble at the end of the world, having been placed there by Zeus as punishment. A brooding subtext that questions the concept of democracy while ennobling the pawns of Zeus provides additional depth to the drama. c2001. 29 min.


Directed by Agatha Witteman. Play sponsored and presented by the Dramatic Art and Dance Dept., UC Berkeley, presented at the Greek Theater, 1990. A student production of The Suppliants, Aeschylus' greatest choral work. It tells the dramatic story of a group of young North African women who seek sanctuary in the Greek city of Argos in order to escape forced marriages to their Egyptian cousins. Staged against a stunning backdrop with throbbing African music and dance.

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The Last Homecoming (O teleftaios gyrismos) (Cyprus, 2008)

Director, Corinna Avraamidou. Cast: Stavros Louras, Popi Avraam, Dimitris Xistras, Christopher Greco. Alexandra and Orestes are a young couple who decide to spend the summer holidays in the picture-perfect seaside town on Cyprus with Orestes' family. Phaedra, the mother of Orestes, decides to stage a play with the help of family and townspeople. When Orestes' brother and Phaedra's old lover enter the scene, tensions begin to mount, relationships are tested, and love and betrayal are all on the program. 85 min.

The Oresteia

Adapted from Aeschylus; a version by William Whallon. Directed by Bill Vincent. Cast: Jode' DePriest, Greg Teachout, Rachael Walker. A version of the Oresteia of Aeschylus (scenarios of the four plays including the lost satyr play). In Parts 1 and 4 the brothers Agamemnon and Menelaus, warlords at Troy, return home to their wives, the sisters Clytemestra and Helen. In Parts 2 and 3 Orestes does a great wrong as a duty, and the Furies contest for him against Apollo. 2001. 74 min.