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May Justice Be Done

By any standard Argentina was a very rich country until the 1970s, with competitive industries, modern agriculture, and a prosperous middle class, but by 2001, 21 out of 36 million people were living below the poverty level. This documentary traces the roots of the crisis back to the irresponsible lending policies of the international lending financial institutions. Instead of renegotiating the external debt through official channels via the Central Bank, government officials arranged deals directly with seven banks. Eschewing the laws of the market they claimed to champion, government officials assigned interest rates for bond investment that were far higher than the true market value. The result was the destruction of local industry, as credit became inaccessible and the export market suffered from unfavorable terms of trade. The inevitable default came in 2001 as a quarter of the population was reeling from rampant unemployment and the neo-liberals' destruction of the social safety net. A film by Pascal de Rauglaudre. 2005