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Puerto Rico

9 Artists of Puerto Rico (Nueve artistas de Puerto Rico)

A visit to the studios of Puerto Rico's most prominent contemporary artists including Lorenzo Homar, Julio Rosado del Valle, Olga Albizu, Rafael Villamil, Rafael Ferrer, Julio Micheli, Luis Hernandez Cruz, Edgardo Franceshi, and Jose Alicea. 1970. 16 min.

Dialogando sobre independentismos

Presents the history of the movements and parties advocating Puerto Rican independence from 1890 to 1959. The program examines the groups, their leaders, ideas, influences, political strategies and beliefs as well as internal conflicts within the movements. In Spanish without English subtitles. c2006.

Juan Mari Bras: un puertorriqueno (in)documentado

Political leader and lawyer Juan Mari Bras of Puerto Rico narrates both his political and personal life. Historians, political leaders, relatives, and friends discuss his political career, projects, and influence on the local and international scene. 120 min.

La Operacion

Discusses the issue of the sterilization of women as a form of birth control in Puerto Rico. Director, producer, Ana Maria Garcia. Dist. Cinema Guild. 1985? 40 min. ;

Mi Puerto Rico.

Presents a personal journey through Puerto Rico's rich cultural traditions, revealing the remarkable stories of its revolutionaries, abolitionists, poets and politicians, whose struggle for national identity unfolds within the history of relations between Puerto Rico and the United States. Combines interviews, location sequences, poetry and literature and the collages of artist, Juan Sanchez, with rare archival film and photographs to treat viewers to a visual and musical feast. Narrator, Raquel Ortiz. Director, Sharon Simon. 1996. 90 min.

San Juan: Ciudad de Todos.

A visual journey through the capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan featuring its parks, avenues, schools, monuments, commercial buildings and picturesque places of the city including gothic and neo-classical architecture from the past and social representations of the Puerto Ricans through their music, songs, dance, paintings and sculptures. In Spanish. 2000. 35 min.

The Rebellion of the Santos (La rebelion de los Santos)

Presents the carved wooden images of saints made in Puerto Rico in the 18th and 19th centuries. Text extracted from the book of the same title by Marta Traba. Filmed in the Museum of Santos, San Juan, Puerto Rico. 198-?. 15 min.

Thieves and Liars (Ladrones y mentirosos) (Puerto Rico, 2006)

Directed by Ricardo Mendez Matta. Cast: Steven Bauer, Elpidia Carrillo, Lymari Nadal, Magda Rivera, Isidro Bobadilla, Jose Heredia, Daniel Lugo, Dennis Mario, Carlos Paniagua, Luz Maria Rondon. Follows the story of three different families affected by the giant underground illegal economy that emerged and continues to grow since Puerto Rico became the main port of entry for cocaine into the U.S. east coast. Together, the three stories represent the struggle of all Puerto Ricans to survive the ever-rising wave of corruption and crime that has infiltrated every level of Puerto Rican society.

Vieques ... un largometraje

Examines the struggle by the residents of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico to halt target practice by the United States Navy and Marine Corps which has been using the island as a military training, exercise and deployment base. 2000. 90 min.

Yo soy Boricua, pa'que tu lo sepas! (I'm Boricua, Just So You Know)

Explores the complex history between Puerto Rico and the United States. Both revealing and humorous, the themes of family, language, and racism are put into historical perspective as the filmmaker uncovers the side of Purtro Rico absent from the U.S. history books. Directed by Rosie Perez. 2006. 85 min.