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The Coup Continues

Journalists and members of the Haiti Commission travel to Haiti to investigate human rights abuses which occurred during the military coup of Sept. 30, 1991 and to assess the impact of the U.S. military occupation on Haitians. 23 min.

The Disappearance of TiSoeur

In May, 1984 a woman named TiSoeur Norma disappeared from her home in Raboteau, in Northern Haiti. Her beating and disappearance sparked the first demonstrations against the Duvalier government in 29 years. This film chronicles the abuses of Jean Claude Duvalier, who continued his father's tradition of arrest and detention without warrant, torture and disappearance and the protest movements against his regime. Dist. Cinema Guild. 1997. 52 min.

The Quake

A powerful report on Haiti's tragedy, with never-before-seen footage of the moments after the earthquake. What can be done now -- and who will do it? Written and produced by Martin Smith and Marcela Gaviria. Originally aired on the television program Frontline, Mar. 30, 2010. 60 min.

The Voodoo Dance (La Ronde des Vodu: En Hommage au Peuple Haitien)

Documents the significant role of Voodoo in Haitian culture from the perspectives of Voodoo priests, government officials, historians, and politicians. Dist.: Third World Newsreel. 1989. 56 min.

This Other Haiti

Documents the emergence of a national movement of peasants, thousands of whom have ignored brutal harassment and have organized to regain control of their lives and to ignite their courage to demand change. Members of the organization show how they set the stage over two decades for the first free and fair elections in Haiti's history. And, perhaps most important, it concludes that despite repression these groups will reemerge and begin anew to bring about change for all of Haiti's people. Producer/director, David Korb. Dist. Cinema Guild. 1993.


Presents three stories of immigrants who left their homes in Bolivia, Haiti and the Philippines after global economic powers devastated their countries, only to face new challenges in the United States. These powerful stories raise critical questions about U.S. immigration policy in an era when corporations cross borders at will. 2001. 28 min.

Voodoo and the Church in Haiti.

Presents the religion and rituals of Voodoo in Haiti, the inclusion of Christian images in Voodoo worship, and the long standing conflict between Christians, Catholics and Voodooists. 1998. 40 min.

Voyage of Dreams.

Documentary essay about the Haitian boat people who fled Haiti in search of better living conditions in the U.S. Includes scenes of the slums of Port-au-Prince, interviews with Haitian refugees in U.S. detention centers, archival footage of President Duvalier's speeches, and a dramatized asylum hearing before U.S. officials. Produced and directed by Collis Davis. Dist. Cinema Guild. c1983. 30 min.