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Cuba Va: The Challenge of the Next Generation.

Considers Cuba's future from the perspective of Cuban youth. Young people born after the 1959 Revolution discuss the challenge of Cuba's economic crisis in the nineties. Socialists and dissidents debate the merits of socialism vs. captialism, the need for change, internal difficulties, and international politics. Documentary style interweaves interviews and spontaneous debates with rarely seen views of Cuban In Spanish and English with English subtitles. c 1993. 57 min.

Cuba, a Video Collection on the Emerging as Alternative. Posibilitando lo nuevo The new, making it possible (Cuba, una coleccion de videos de lo emergente como alternativa)

Filmed during 2001 and 2004, this is a unique collection of videos on business and social practices in Cuba. The films differ from other works on the Cuban economy in that they don't approach the subject from a dictatorship-democracy political perspective. Secondly, it is written from the perspective of those who experience these processes from within Cuba, and thirdly it approaches the macro and micro levels when treating the subjects. Based on a five-year research project directed by Dr.

Cuba, the People.

A documentary on the life and times of the people of Cuba since Fidel Castro came into power as recorded by four students who visited the Island of Cuba. The students observed first-hand the countryside, towns, cities, government and the people from peasants to professionals. 1976. 60 min. 1. Looking at the other (1:32) -- 2. A Cuban hotel the Cuban way (29:45) -- 3. We are not going to throw in the towel: redimensioning at Hilatex (18:37) -- 4. Bermudas, Canada and Cuba in Alamar: a dismountable factory (19:12) -- 5. Perfectioning of enterprises at Conrado Pina (25:21) -- 6.

Cuba/South Africa After the Battle.

In 1975, the first Cuban soldiers went to Angola to help defend that newly independent government from invasion by South African troops. After nearly 14 years of bitter conflict, the Angolan War ended, Namibia was established as an independent state, and Cuban and South African troops have returned home. This documentary examines the politics of the war from both sides and features remarkable combat footage, archival material and interviews with Cuban and South African soldiers. Dist. Cinema Guild. 1990. 58 min.

Cuba: In the Shadow of Doubt.

Narrated by Raul Julia, an exclusive look at Cuba, its achievements and disappointments, as voiced by the people in the streets and Fidel Castro himself. Depicts the Cuban revolution in historical perspective. A film by Jim Burroughs, Suzanne Bauman, and Carol Polakoff. c1986. 60 min.
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Cuba: Las Hijas de Fidel. (Mujeres de America Latina; 4).

One in a series that looks at Latin America through its women with interviews and on sight visits. This fourth program examines the lives of women in Cuba who come from from all walks of life including women active in dance, music, sports, and politics concerning their experiences of living in Castro's Cuba. Dist.: Films Media Group. In Spanish. c1995. 60 min.

Cuban Cinema Classics. Volume 1, Filmmaking

Contents: Newsreel 49 = Newsreel No. 49 (1960, 1 min, b&w) -- Por primera vez = For the first time / director, Octavio Cortazar (1967, 10 min, b&w) -- Dolly Back / director, Juan Carlos Tabio, starring Mirta Ibarra (1986, 10 min., col.).

Cuban Cinema Classics. Volume 10, Sara Gomez

Contents: Y tenemos sabor = And we have flavor (1967) -- Una Isla para Miguel = An Island for Miguel (1968, 20 min.) -- Isla del tesoro = Treasure Island (1969). Contains three films by Afro-Cuban filmmaker Sara Gomez from Cuba's national film institute, ICAIC. And We Have Flavor: Instrument makers and musicians tell the story of Cuban musical traditions through their experiences, illustrated with footage of live performances. An Island for Miguel: A documentary revealing the revolutionary project to reform Cuba's juvenile delinquents.

Cuban Cinema Classics. Volume 2, Protest

Contents: Now / director, Santiago Alvarez (1965, 6 min, b&w) -- LBJ / director, Santiago Alvarez (1968, 15 min, col.) -- Prayer for Marilyn Monroe / directors, Marisol Trujillo, Miriam Talavera, Pepin Rodriguez (1984, 9 min., b&w).

Cuban Cinema Classics. Volume 3, Cubania

Contents: The art of cigars = El arte del tabaco / director, Tomas Gutièrrez Alea (1974, 7 min., col.) -- Aesthetics / director, Enrique Colina (1985, 11 min., col.) -- King of the jungle / director Enrique Colina (1990, 11 min., col.).