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Sabemos Mirar We Can See (South Series).

Looks at how rock music has become an outlet for young Argentinean's frustrations. The 1976 military coup dramatically halted the political activities of Argentina's youth. 1991. 25 min.
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Sasetru obrera.

Documentary on the worker takeover of the closed Sasestru factory in Argentina in 2003, organized by Polo Obrero. In Spanish. PAL format. 2003. 25 min.

Seras, lo que has sido

In May of 2003, when Nestor Kirchner became president of Argentina, independent filmmaker Marcelo Lopez Masia began a major investigation into his presidency. Presented here, and developed over a number of years, is an overview of actions he took during his tenure as president. Soon after taking office Kirchner surprised the world by standing down powerful military and police officials.

Sol de noche: la historia de Olga y Luis

A documentary on the "Night of the blackouts, " a significant event in the history of the brutal Argentine military dictatorship. The film centers on Olga Aredez, who relates how her husband Luis was seized and murdered. She now circles in the main square of Ledesma every Thursday as an act of remembrance, and is joined on each anniversary of the blackouts by the other "Mothers of Ledesma." Directed by Pablo Milstein, Norberto Ludin. 75 min.

South of the Border

Director Oliver Stone visits seven presidents in five countries in South America to gain some understanding about the political and social ideas and the revolutions, and to clear up how people view them. Includes interviews with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, Argentinean president Cristina Kirchner, Cuban president Raul Castro, and more. Contents: Part 1. Media influence & perceptions on U.S. foreign policy? -- Part 2. Venezuela & Hugo Chavez -- Part 3. Bolivia & Evo Morales -- Part 4. Argentina & The Kirchners -- Part 5. Paraguay & Fernando Lugo -- Part 6.

Spoils of War (Botin de guerra)

Presents first-hand accounts from the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who dared to challenge the ruthless dictatorship of Argentina from 1976 to 1983 and have sought to find their missing grandchildren. Children now reunited with their families, and some who still hope to be, contribute. 1999. 112 min.


Documentary on the art of the tango in Argentina. VHS format (PAL) In Spanish without subtitles. 199-? 23 min.

Tango Illusions

Three Argentinean generations face difficult times together. Tango remains their metaphor: the lyrics and the dance. Buenos Aires boils over, protesters flood the streets, presidents fall and drums roll as milongueros tango and porteno philosophers rhapsodize life. Directed by Joshua Dylan Mellars. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2005. 23 min.

Tango, Our Dance (Tango, Baile Nuestro)

The sensuality and stylized rituals adored by the inhabitants of Buenos Aires are captured in the complex art form of the tango. Jorge Zanada, the director, spent years researching the unique role of the tango in the national landscape, exploring the machismo and passion that feed the dance. Dist.: FACETS. 1994. 70 min.

The Body Parts Business

Follows Covenant House worker, Bruce Harris, as he visits Argentina and Central America to investigate the murder of homeless children and patients in mental health facilities as sources of body parts for the black market. 1994?. 62 min.