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A Paz e Que o Povo Chama (Africa: Search for Common Ground; 10)

Part of a series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Musicians from both sides of the Civil War in Angola meet to create a song for peace. We go behind the scenes to see the making of the Peace Song and . 26 min.

Bridges of Trust. (Africa: Search for Common Ground; 4)

Part of a series profiling formal efforts by various Sub-Saharan African countries to peacefully resolve contemporary conflicts. Examines three decades of war which has left Angola a deeply divided country. Mutual fear and mistrust make it difficult for people on both the MPLA and UNITA sides as they struggle to achieve reconciliation in their nation. 1997. 26 min.

Cuba/South Africa After the Battle.

In 1975, the first Cuban soldiers went to Angola to help defend that newly independent government from invasion by South African troops. After nearly 14 years of bitter conflict, the Angolan War ended, Namibia was established as an independent state, and Cuban and South African troops have returned home. This documentary examines the politics of the war from both sides and features remarkable combat footage,archival material and interviews with Cuban and SouthAfrican soldiers. Dist. Cinema Guild. 1990. 58 min.

Destructive Engagement.

Shows how the civil war in South Africa affects the neighboring countries of Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, in billions of dollars of damage to buildings and in terms of human pain and suffering of these countries' populations. 1987. 52 min.

Hollow City (Na cidade vazia)(Angola | Portugal, 2004)

Directed by Maria Joao Ganga. N'dala is an orphan from the Angolan province of Bie, a flashpoint in the rebellion that incited Angola's brutal civil war. In 1991 N'dala is airlifted by missionaries to the port city of Luanda, Angola's capital. He slips away from the nuns at the airport, choosing the solitude of the streets of the old city, but he is not prepared for living by his wits.


A film by Abderrahmane Sissako. Sissako spent a year in Rostov on the Don and there became friends with a young man from Angola. This film chronicles the director's search for a friend of the past. In this personal retrospective, Sissako encounters present-day Angola and traces the great lines of Africa's recent history. 1997. 60 min.
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Seeds of Death in Angola [Sound Recording]

Seeds of Death in Angola concerns the continuing damage done by the 9 million mines which were planted in Angola during the past 30 years of fighting. These mines continue to maim and kill daily, mostly women and children, while there are only a few de-mining groups active in the country. 1995. 32 min.

The Hero (O Heroi) (Angola | France | Portugal, 2004)

Directed by Zeze Gamboa. Cast: Oumar Makena Diop, Milton Coelho, Maria Ceica, Neuza Borges, Patrcia Bull, Ral Rosario. Luanda, capital of Angola, is a huge city trying to cope with and overcome the profound legacy of a civil war that lasted for nearly 30 years. Vitorio has just been discharged after almost 20 years of fighting in the war. During his last military assignment he stepped on a land mine and lost a leg. After recuperating, he finds himself alone, unemployed and homeless.