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Representations of Asians in Animated Cartoons

Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips (1944)

Animated short. Directed by Friz Freleng. "Bugs lands on a Japanese-held island. He tries to outsmart one Japanese soldier by dressing as Emperor Hirohito, but the soldier isn't fooled. He recognizes Bugs from his Warner Brothers films produced by Leon Schlesinger. Bugs has trouble with a tough sumo wrestler but is able to outwit him by dressing as a geisha. Bugs finally rids the island of Japanese by driving up in his ice cream truck (which plays music from The Magic Flute!) and selling each one an ice cream with a secret grenade surprise." 8 min.

China Plate (1931)

Animated short. Directed by Wilfred Jackson. Disney Studios. The emperor's musicians play their instruments (and a stray cat) while the ladies of the court dance. Meanwhile, the children fish and play. But soon, the children anger the emperor, who gives chase. And the whole story was told in a plate.

Chinaman's Chance (1933)

Animated cartoon. Directed by Ub Iwerks. Flip the Frog and his trusty hound sidekick are on the trail of an escaped Fu-Manchu-like criminal named Chow Mein. The chase turns into a nightmare complete with crocodile pits and sundry opium-induced hallucinations.

Japoteurs (1942)

Animated short. Director: Seymour Kneitel Superman vs. Japanese spies hijacking a new super-bomber. 9:05 min.

Lady and the Tramp (Walt Disney Pictures, 1955)

Directors, Clyde Geronimi Wilfred Jackson, et al. Voices: Peggy Lee, Barbara Luddy, Larry Roberts, Bill Thompson, Bill Baucon, Steve Freberg, Verna Felton, Alan Reed, George Givot, Dallas McKennon, Lee Millar. An animated musical about Lady, a lovingly pampered cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a jaunty freedom-loving mutt with a heart of gold, who share an enthralling romance and thrilling adventures.

Mr. Wong (2004)

Hilariously funny animated comedy featuring the beloved and well-known character Mr. Wong. Join the adventures of our hero, Mr. Wong, an 85 year old Chinese houseboy and our heroine, Miss Pam, his white devil employer as they romp through their acid-coated, sugar-centered world in search of kicks, friendship and maybe even love. Created, written and produced by Pam Brady and Kyle McCulloch. 80 min.

Porky's Movie Mystery (1944)

Animated short. Directed by Friz Freleng. In this parody of the "Mr. Moto" series, a mysterious phantom is causing trouble at the Warner Bros Studios. The police call in Mr. Motto (Porky Pig) to investigate.

Scrap the Japs (Popeye) (1942)

Animated short. Directed by Seymour Kneitel. Popeye is relegated to swabbing the deck on an aircraft carrier and other mundane chores, which he does in creative ways. Suddenly, a bomb drops on the ship from a cloud, and all pilots (including Popeye) scramble. Popeye eventually discovers that the "cloud" is a piece of wood camouflaging a Japanese plane, and he shoots it down.

The Chinaman (1920)

Animated short. Gaggle of babbling animal characters as Chinese laundrymen; also offers a bit of anti-Semitic humor in the form of a hook-nosed Jewish customer who goes to the laundry to have his filthy beard cleaned.