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[Trotsky, Leon] Trotsky y Mexico: dos revoluciones del siglo XX

The documentary looks at the life of Trotsky and the Russian Revolution in relation to the Mexican Revolution. The first part of the film focuses on Trotsky's role in the Russian Revolution, and his actions that led to his exile. The second part shows the political and social situation in Mexico and its integration into the international scene when Trotsky arrived in 1937. Finally, the film looks at Trotsky's time in Mexico until his death. Directed by Adolfo Garc�a Videla. Presented at the International Latino Film Festival held in the San Francisco Bay Area. 2006. 28 min.

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[Tsien, Billie] The New Modernists: Nine American Architects.

Interviews with architects Tod Williams, Billie Tsien, Henry Smith-Miller, Laurie Hawkinson, Steven Holl, Tom Mayne, Michael Rotondi, Stanley Saitowitz, and Mark Mack. Dist.: Michael Blackwood Productions. 1993. 56 min.

[Tsurumaki, Marc and Lewis, Paul] Satirical Efficiencies

A lecture by Marc Tsurumaki and Paul Lewis of the New York architectural firm Lewis-Tsurumaki-Lewis. The lecture highlights the firm's recent speculative and built work which expands beyond traditional architecture to include multi-media installations, architecture fabrication and construction, and the theory and practice of digital technology. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on May 2, 2002. 90 min.

[Turner, Joseph Mallord William] Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Kenneth Clark traces Turner's development from traditional Romantic paintings to works composed of swirling color forms. 1974. 26 min.

[Turrell, James] James Turrell: Passageways.

A pilot for many years, James Turrell is today the greatest American land art artist, and considers the sky as his studio. Upon spectacular and historical aerial images of Arizona's canyons, Turrell recalls his formal research on natural light and his friendship with the Hopi Indians. The film gives Turrell the opportunity to present his masterpiece, Roden Crater, a true celestial light "observatory." 1995. 26 min.

[Tuttle, Richard] Richard Tuttle: Never Not an Artist.

Richard Tuttle's extraordinary work has exuded vitality and energy for over four decades. Tuttle uses frail and transitory materials such as plywood, tissue, wire and cloth to create small, anti-heroic art works, challenging the 'super-size' aesthetic with his minor-scaled creations. Directed by Chris Maybach. 2005. 32 min.

[Ubac, Raoul] Ubac, Films 1963-1972

Ubac : Metamorphoses de la realite a l'abstrait / production, Henri Billen, RTBF, Belgique ; realisation, Jean Antoine (b&w, 1963, 23 min.) -- Ubac : un portrait / production, Maeght, France ; realisation, Caroline Laure et Franco Lecca (col., 1972, 34 min.) Two films on Raoul Ubac, the French surrealist artist, painter and sculptor. Includes conversations with Ubac about the inspiration he receives from nature and techniques he uses in his works.

[Uncle Tom's Cabin] Eliza on Ice (animated,1944)

Uncle Tom starts the race with Simon Legree chasingEliza. Mighty Mouse rescues Eliza. 6 min. ;
Reviews and articles: Wallace, Michelle. "The Celluloid Cabin:Satiricial Distortions of Uncle Tom in AnimatedCartoon Short, 1932-1947." Studies in PopularCulture, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 1-10, 2001Apr

[Ungers, Oswald Mathias] Oswald Mathias Ungers.

Illustrates the life and work of German architect O.M. Ungers. Also highlights problems faced by the architect while completing a project, using Unger's work on the Deutsches Architekturmuseum as an example. Dist.: Michael Blackwood Productions. 1985. 59 min.

[Urbach, Henry]

Recent Work and Other Appropriations: Henry Urbach.Architect Henry Urbach, of the Henry Urbach Arcitecture Gallery in New York delivers the Arcus Endowment lecture. The firm specializes in installation architecture at museum sites presenting constructions within galleries of temporary, full-scale architecture that creates spaces, programs and experiences. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on April 14, 2004. 110 min.

[Vekstein, Claudio] Public Demonstration Architecture

This lecture is presented by Claudio Vekstein, professor in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Arizona State University who specializes in the architecture of public works. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on March 18, 2009. 92 min.

[Venuri, Robert] Beyond Utopia, Changing Attitudes In American Architecture.

Presents six American postmodernist architects discussing their style of design, influences on their work, and recent achievements. Focuses on the work of Philip Johnson, Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, Michael Graves, Frank Gehry, and Peter Eisenmann. Interviews with: Anni Albers, Edward Larabee Barnes, James Ingo Freed, Bertrand Goldberg, Michael Graves, Helmut Jahn, Philip Johnson, Gyorgy Kepes, I.M. Pei, Stanley Tigerman, Tom Wolfe. Dist.: Michael Blackwood Productions. 1983. 58 min.

[Venuri, Robert] Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.

This production delves into the philosophy and work of two of America's most controversial architects, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown. The film introduces their most important works, including: the Vanna Venturi House, Princeton's Wu Hall, and Thomas Labs; the Guild House. Central to the film is the initial design phase and presentation of their most prestigious commission to date - the National Gallery in London's Trafalgar Square. Dist.: Michael Blackwood Productions. 1988. 58 min.

[Vermeer] The Light of Experience. (Civilisation ; 8)

Surveys the development of Western civilization during the 17th century. Points out that the works of such Dutch painters as Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Vermeer, and Saenredam show the revolutionary change in thought that replaced divine authority with experience, experiment, and observation. 199? 52 min.

[Vermeer] Vermeer in Bosnia: A Conversation with Lawrence Weschler.

Art historian and writer Lawrence Weschler examines themes of peace and serenity in the work of artist Johannes Vermeer. Living in a world wracked by war and mayhem, Vermeer retreated into a single light-filled room and invented a notion of peace grounded in the autonomous free agency of his fellow human beings. The terror, though, is conspicuously being held at bay -- in fact, argues Weschler, that is what Vermeer's paintings are all about. Recorded by Educational Technology Services, University of California, Berkeley on September 29, 2004. 88 min. View it with RealPlayer

[Virgil, Lonnie] Lonnie Virgil (Nambe)

Features an interview with New Mexico pottery maker Lonnie Vigil, a Native American of Nambe heritage. As he demonstrates the making of a piece of pottery, he explains his philosophy of art and tells his life story in a first person narrative that is personal and insightful. 2004. 21 min.

[Voulkos, Peter] Lonnie Virgil (Nambe)

In California during the 1950's the art climate was in a state of flux and open to experimentation. The presence of Peter Voulkos signaled a philosophical upheaval of ceramic tradition and technique, inspiring the West Coast clay revolution. This documentary is an assemblage of interviews, demonstrations and performances showcasing the seminal artists of this innovative movement, interwoven with a superb survey of their work. Ceramics historian Garth Clark's critical commentary underscores the accomplishments and achievements of these visionary artists. produced and directed by Chris Felver. Recorded at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado in 1983. 50 min.

[Waiapi] Caxiri or Manioc Beer.

Examines the role of caxiri, a native beer, in the social and cultural life of the Waiapi Indians of Brazil. An important part of Waiapi life, caxiri is imbibed daily by men, women and children. This documentary describes the preparation of caxiri, as well as its use in community festivals and celebrations. 1988. 39 min.

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[Waiapi] Music, Dance and Festival Among the Waiapi Indians of Brazil.

Examines five Waiapi Indian festivals and shows the importance of manioc beer in the festivals, the variety of musical instruments and songs, and how Waiapi identity and societal order are reinforced by these communal celebrations. 1988. 39 min.

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