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Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Songs of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement

Disc 1. Hey Nelly Nelly (Judy Collins)(2:50) -- Here's to the State of Mississippi (Phil Ochs)(5:52) -- Ballad of Medgar Evers (SNCC Freedom Singers, led by Matthew Jones)(4:28) -- Death of Medgar Evers (Donal Leace)(4:25) -- Only a pawn in their game (Bob Dylan)(3:30) -- Too many martyrs (Kim & Reggie Harris)(3:31) -- Blowin' in the wind (Peter, Paul & Mary)(2:57) -- It isn't nice (Judy Collins)(3:06) -- Ain't gonna let nobody turn me round (Julius Lester)(2:16) -- Hammer song (Barbara Dane)(3:04) -- Going down to Mississippi (Phil Ochs)(3:02) -- I'm on my way (Barbara Dane)(2:26) -- Thirsty boots (Eric Andersen)(5:10) -- Carry it on (Carolyn Hester)(2:49) -- Wade in the water (Julius Lester)(3:23) -- Move on over (Len Chandler)(4:42) -- I'm going to get my baby out of jail (Len Chandler)(3:34) -- Waves of freedom (Eric Andersen)(6:12) -- This little light of mine (Odetta)(2:10) -- How long (Magpie and Kim & Reggie Harris)(3:32) --Disc 2. Movin' it on (Odetta)(2:15) -- Ain't you got a right to the tree of life (Guy & Candie Carawan)(3:23) -- Freedom school (Jack Washington Landron)(3:32) -- Song for Ben Chaney (Jack Washington Landron)(3:05) -- Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney (Tom Paxton)(2:45) -- Those three are on my mind (Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie)(3:30) -- Michael, Andrew and James (Mimi and Richard Fari~na)(5:08) -- I have seen freedom (Si Kahn)(4:20) -- Three young men (Carolyn Hester)(3:37) -- In the Mississippi River (SNCC Freedom Singers, led by Marshall Jones)(3:35) -- Freedom is a constant struggle (Julius Lester)(4:10) -- This may be the last time (Bernice Johnson Reagon)(4:03) -- We will not bow down to genocide (Len Chandler)(2:45) -- You should've been down in Mississippi (Magpie)(3:28) -- Father's grave (Jack Washington Landron)(3:18) -- Mississippi summer (Si Kahn)(2:08) -- Fannie Lou Hamer (Sweet Honey in the Rock)(5:18) -- Summer '64/Oh freedom (Greg Trafidlo, Laura Pole, Neal Phillips, Robert Cardwell, and the Voices of Zion)(2:46) -- Shadows on the light (Matthew Jones)(7:28) -- Ella's song (Sweet Honey in the Rock)(5:46).