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Didn't We Ramble On.

Film examines how West African people have passed down their rites and spiritual fervor, generation by generation, through the black marching band. As long as 700 years ago, the Yaruba's had musicalprocessions at funerals. By the 17th century, African musicians were seen in Turkish marching bands and admired and copied by the monarchs of Europe. During both World Wars black military bands played a major role in maintaining troop morale. In the U.S. today, the tradition of the black marching band continues on the football fields as exemplified by the Forida A&M Marching Band. In New Orleans today, a jazz procession, a direct cultural link to the Yoruba ceremony of 700 years ago, is an integral part of the Afro-American funeral observance. Producer, Billy Jackson. 15 min.
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