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Son of Ali Baba (1952)

Directed by Kurt Neumann. Cast: Cast: Tony Curtis, Piper Laurie, Susan Cabot, William Reynolds, Victor Jory, Morris Ankrum. In this swashbuckling adventure, Ali Babi sends his son Kashma to military school to prepare him for the challenges ahead. Meanwhile an evil Caliph kidnaps an Arabian princess as part of his plan to steal Ali Baba's treasure. When Kashma learns of the plot he and his buddies pick up their swords to save her and retrieve his father's stolen treasure. 138 min.

Southern Fried Rabbit (1943)

Animated short. Directed by Friz Freleng. Featuring Bugs Bunnyin blackface.

Speedy Gonzales (animated character)

Speedy Gonzales (or Gonzlez), "the fastest mouse in all Mexico", is an animated cartoon mouse from the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. Speedy's major traits are his ability to run extremely fast, and his comedic Mexican accent. He usually wears an oversized yellow sombrero and a white shirt and pants. (Wikipedia)

Storm Warning (1950)

Director, Stuart Heisler. Cast: Ginger Rogers, Ronald Reagan,Doris Day, Steve Cochran. A school teacher visiting relatives in anunnamed small town happens to witness the beating death of a man atthe hands of the KKK. She soon discovers that the whole town iscontrolled by this vigilante group, and that her loutishbrother-in-law is one of the group's members. The D.A. (RonaldReagan) is the man who breaks the stranglehold of the hoodedterrorists--through the simple expedient of walking into one oftheir meetings and calmly identifying each of them by name. 93 min.

The Axe of Wandsbek (Das Beil von Wandsbek) (East Germany, 1951)

Director, Falk Harnack. Cast: Kathe Braun, Erwin Geschonneck, Gefion Helmke, Willy A. Kleinau, Ursula Meibner, Arthur Schroder, Claus Holm. Tells the story of a butcher who serves as an executioner for the Nazis and also turns in four antifascists. After these atrocities become known, customers start to boycott his store, his wife takes her life and he eventually shoots himself. Six weeks after its premiere, the film was banned and the director Harnack left East Germany to direct only in the West. 111 min.

The Cisco Kid

Cast: Duncan Renaldo (Cisco Kid), Leo Carrillo. The Cisco Kid was well known to audiences from numerous films long before the television series. The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho traveled the old west in the grand tradition of righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they found it, ending each episode with the exclamations, "Hey, Poncho, Hey, Cisco!". Segment from a television program originally produced 1950-1956.

The Cisco Kid. Vol. 1, Quarterhorse (1950). The Postmaster (1956).

"Here's adventure! Here's romance! Here's O. Henry's famous Robin Hood of the Old West." Here's typical, sappy, "Frito Bandito" stereotyping from 1950's TV! Starring Duncan Ronaldo and Leo Carillo (as befuddled sidekick Pancho). In this first television series to be produced in color, The Cisco Kid as the "Robin Hood of the Old West", stops treachery with incredible stunts and ingenuity with help from his sidekick, Pancho. In Quarterhouse Cisco recovers a valuable stolen racing horse. In The Postmaster a U.S.

The Defiant Ones (1958)

Directed by Stanley Kramer. Cast: Tony Curtis and SidneyPoitier star in Stanley Kramer's groundbreaking film that tearsinto the problem of racial hatred. The plot centers on thesetwo convicts fleeing a chain gang in the deep South. 1 hour 37min. ;
Credits andother information from the Internet Movie Database
British Academy of Film and TelevisionArts Awards - Best Foreign Actor (SidneyPoitier)
Golden Globe Awards - Best MotionPicture, Drama