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Boycott (TV, 2001)

Directed by Clark Johnson. Cast:Jeffrey Wright, Terrence Howard, C.C.H.Pounder, Carmen Ejogo, Reg E. Cathey, BrentJennings, Shawn Michael Howard, IrisLittle-Thomas, Erik Todd Dellums, MikeHodge. In the winter of 1955 in the deepsouth, Rosa Parks (1913-2005), a singleblack woman on a public bus, is arrestedwhen she chooses a "whites only" seat. Heraction and the reaction of the authoritieshelps birth the modern civil rightsmovement in the United States, and makesher an inspiring icon and lodestone to allinvolved with the struggle for equality,including a young Martin Luther King. Basedon the book : Daybreak of freedom byStewart Burns. Special features: Director'scommentary (Clark Johnson); Featurette;Cast & director bios (Wright, Howard,Ejogo, Johnson); Historical backgroundnotes : "Milestones in civil rightshistory" (timeline), Verbatim- "Spreadingthe word" (quotes from civil rightsfigures), "Boycott by the numbers"(comparison index), "Time capsule: backwith humility" (Time magazine article,1956), "Q & A with Stewart Burns and HenryGates Jr.", "Who's who- the leaders"(Leaders of the Montgomery Bus Boycott);References : "Books" (suggested reading),"Video/Multimedia" (suggested viewing); weblinks. 112 min. Credits and other information from the InternetMovie Database