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[Siegal, Jennifer] Mobile: The Art of Portable Architecture

A lecture by Jennifer Siegal, head of the Office of Mobile Design of Los Angeles and Associate Professor at Woodbury University in Burbank. She specializes in the development of "mobile" architecture, designing and constructing portable, demountable and mobile structures, specializing in finding non-standard solutions to unconventional and unique problems. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on September 23, 2002. 58 min.

[Siegel, Gwathmey] In Search of Clarity: The Architecture of Gwathmey Siegel.

Takes an in-depth look at the partnership and accomplishments of architects Charles Gwathmey and Robert Siegel. Avoiding the nostalgia of fashionable post-modernism they continue to create innovative houses, corporate, institutional and university buildings across America. This documentary ranges from the deMenil villa on the dunes of Easthampton to their recent Guggenheim Museum addition. 1995. 45 min.

[Silvetti, Jorge] Recent Work

A lecture by architect and professor of Achitecture at Harvard University, Jorge Silvetti of the Boston-based firm Machado and Silvetti Associates Inc. He presents recent works by the firm accompanied by slides of recent and past projects. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on September 24, 2003. 93 min.

[Simmons, Laurie] Laurie Simmons: A Teaser

Laurie Simmons is filmed at work photographing her friends swimming underwater and she speaks on her "mermaid fantasy" photography. 199?. 6 min.

[Simpson, O.J.] A Question of Evidence.

Presents testimony by key witnesses to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to send O.J. Simpson to trial. Shows Court TV broadcast excerpts from the preliminary hearing before Judge Kathleen Kennedy Powell. Includes defense attorneys Gerald Uelman and Robert Shapiro, and prosecutors Willia Hodgman and Marcia Clark. 51 min.

[Simpson, O.J.] Merchandising Murder: the O.J. Simpson Industry.

It's been called the trial of the century -- former football star O.J. Simpson facing charges of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. But is the trial itself the cause of all the fuss or has the event been manufactured by the media and merchandisers seeking to exploit the case? Film examines the huge million dollar industry which has sprung up to cash in on the compatible with the rights of the accused in a nation where murder seems to pay for everyone but the victims. 48 min. . web web sites: First Run/Icarus catalog description

[Simpson, O.J.] The O. J. Simpson Trial. Pt.1, Background and Opening Statements.

Coverage of background information and opening statements before Judge Ito in the televised trial of O. J. Simpson for the murders of his former wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994. 60 min. .

[Simpson, O.J.] The O. J. Simpson Trial. Pt.2, The Prosecution.

The prosecution team, led by Marcia Clark, assisted by William Hodgman presents evidence against the accused in the trial of O. J. Simpson for the murders of his former wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman on June 12, 1994. Key strategies focus on 911 calls from Nicole, a trail of blood discovered at Mr. Simpson's home and DNA analysis of blood stains. 60 min.

[Simpson, O.J.] The O. J. Verdict.

Ten years after the verdict was made in the O.J. Simpson case, this program looks back on the trial through interviews with the defense, prosecution and journalists. The program explores the role that race played in arguably the most controversial verdict in the recent history of the American justice system. Originally aired as a segment of the television program Frontline on October 4, 2005. Dist.: PBS. 58 min.

[Sinclair, Cameron] Design Like You Give a Damn

This lecture is presented by Cameron Sinclair, Executive Director of Architecture for Humanity, an organization based in Sausalito, California which specializes in designing housing for areas affected by natural disasters. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on October 17, 2007. 110 min.

[Singapore] City Lights: The Brightest Lights of Architecture in Singapore's City Skyline

City Lights takes the viewer on a breathtaking journey of Singapore's architectural history, giving insight into 35 of the seminal works of architecture of 31 architects themselves, while 16 city-dwellers comment on their experience of the same buildings. Also features interviews of the founding figures of Singapore architecture such as Lim Ching Keat (Singapore Conference Hall), William Lim (Golden Mile Complex), Tan Cheng Siong (Pearl Bank Apartments), Koh Seow Chuan (People's Park Complex & Esplanade Theatres on the Bay). 2006. 88 min.

[Siskind, Aaron ] Aaron Siskind. (Artists and Photographers; 8)

In the early 1940's, Siskind broke with the traditions of documentary photography and began making personal, abstract pictures. This protrait of Siskind's work, narrated by Siskind, was shot on location in Martha's Vineyard and Lima, Peru. Dist.: Checkerboard Foundation. 1981. 17 min.

[Smith, Anna Deavere] Anna Deavere Smith [Interview]

Interview with Anna Deavere Smith, writer, performer and social commentator on her view of the state of race relations in the United States. Concludes with a brief look at human rights films by the Black Audio Film Collective of London, which concerns itself with Black and Afro-Caribbean experiences in the United Kingdom. Segment from the television program Rights & wrongs broadcast April 23, 1994. 27 min.

[Smith, Eugenia] Miss Smith of Georgia

Portrait of the Georgia author and civil rights activist Lillian Eugenia Smith who was the first prominent white southerner to denounce racial segregation openly and to work actively against it. This program includes extensive interviews with the author as well as brief appearances by author Carson McCullers and actress Ruby Dee. Originally broadcast as a television program in 1962. 30 min.

[Smith, Kiki] Kiki Smith.

An interview with Kiki Smith, an innovative sculptor in New York City. Covers two of her exhibits held at the Fawbush Gallery, New York City, in 1992 and 1993. Also includes interviews with her dealers, Joe Fawbush and Thomas Jones, and Claudia Gould, director of Artist Space, also in New York. Producer/director, Paul Tschinkel. c1994. 28 min.

[Smith, Kiki] Kiki Smith.

Kiki Smith's work in sculpture, prints and drawings has been the subject of numerous museum and gallery exhibitions worldwide. This documentary looks at the artist as she prepares pieces for an eight-room installation at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, Italy, to open contemporaneously with the 2005 Venice Biennale. 2006. 45 min.

[Smith, W. Eugene] W. Eugene Smith: Photography made Difficult

A profile of the legendary photojournalist W. Eugene Smith, whose desire to create photographs that were lasting works of art was matched only by his passion for social justice. This film showcases over 600 of Smith's photos and includes a reenactment of his life, archival footage and interviews with Smith's family, friends and colleagues. Originally broadcast as a segment of: American Masters. c1989. 87 min.

[Smith-Miller, Henry] Moving Space

This lecture is presented by Henry Smith-Miller of Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects, New York. This event took place at the University of California, Berkeley on November 5, 2008. 68 min.

[Smith-Miller, Henry] The New Modernists: Nine American Architects.

Interviews with architects Tod Williams, Billie Tsien, Henry Smith-Miller, Laurie Hawkinson, Steven Holl, Tom Mayne, Michael Rotondi, Stanley Saitowitz, and Mark Mack. Dist.: Michael Blackwood Productions. 1993. 56 min.

[Smithson, Robert] East Coast, West Coast.

Artists Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson, a married couple until Smithson's death in 1973, filmed their 1969 discussion of contrasting lifestyles and approaches to artistic creation. Smithson championed a relatively loose, free-wheeling approach while Holt argued for a greater degree of order and conceptualization in life and art. (Purchased with Stuart and Gail Buchalter Fund for the Study of Contemporary Art.) Dist.: Video Data Bank. 23 min.