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The people of South and Central America and the Caribbean reflect on their lives, their history and societies in this series. This look at contemporary Latin America examines issues confronting the entire region by focusing on individual communities. 60 min. ea.The Garden of Forking Paths [Argentina] [preservation copy] Capital Sins [Brazil] [preservation copy] Continent on the Move [Mexico] [preservation copy] Mirrors of the Heart [Bolivia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic] [preservation copy] In Women's Hands [Chile] [preservation copy] Miracles Are Not Enough [Brazil, Nicaragua] [preservation copy] Builders of Images [Puerto Rico, Brazil, Nicaragua] [preservation copy] Get Up, Stand Up [Colombia, Jamaica, Panama] [preservation copy] Fire in the Mind [El Salvador, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua] [preservation copy] The Americans: Latin American and Caribbean Presence in the U.S. [Southern California, Miami, New York City]
Full-text review from:ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries
[preservation copy]