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Almost Myself: Reflections on Mending and Transcending Gender

What happens when a young gay man, struggling not only with his sexuality but also gender, decides to have surgery to become a female, and later in life decides to return to being a gay man again? Can someone live their life full time as a female, but still have a penis? What's life like for a former male college football player, finally living her life as the woman she was always meant to be? These are just some of the stories told in the fascinating, poignant, and informative documentary. The film focuses primarily on women who are white and older, yet were identified as male at birth. The stories include journeys of boyhood to womanhood and the struggles of mending and transcending gender. Special features: Bonus material : additional director comments ; scenes from 2005's West Hollywood Day of Remembrance & Rally ; "Road To Trinidad" music video by Georgie Jessup ; previews. Director/producer, Tom Murray. c2007. 82 min.