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The African Dodger (1931)

Directed by Mort Blumenstock. Cast: Tom Howard, Joe Lyons,Edward Gargan. "In the early twentieth century, many Americancarnivals and fun fairs featured an "African Dodger". This wasa Negro (usually genuine, sometimes a white man in blackface)who would stick his head through a hole and taunt the suckers,who paid a nickel for the privilege of throwing baseballs atthe African Dodger. The dodger would (usually) pull his headout of the hole in time to avoid getting hit, but sometimes hewasn't fast enough. African Dodgers were so commonplace thatsome sadistic people would bring a hard (wooden or iron) ballinto any carnival that came to town, knowing they'd have achance to throw it at a black man's head and cause him seriousinjury." In this film comedian Tom Howard plays a man on acarnival midway who gets suckered into substituting for theAfrican Dodger. 91 min. ;
Credits andother information from the Internet Movie Database