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Using the Library during COVID-19

UC Berkeley’s library buildings are now open. To stay up to date on the Library’s policies and services during the pandemic, visit the Library’s COVID-19 webpage.

Morrison Library Reservation Requests

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The Morrison Library may be reserved by groups directly affiliated with UC Berkeley for evening and public events that support the Library’s mission and initiatives.

Morrison Library can accommodate events with:

Up to 200 people for a reception
Up to 150 people for a lecture

  • Preference is given to events open to the campus community and the public, and that fit within the mission of the Library.
  • Requests may be denied for a number of reasons such as timing in the academic year, availability of staff, scope of event, security concerns, and facilities limitations.
  • Respecting the Morrison Library’s primary role as a library space and collection, requests to schedule Morrison Library during its regular public service hours (10am - 5pm during the academic year) will not be considered. Morrison Library can be closed at 4pm for events starting at 5pm and all events must finish by 8:30pm (to allow time for clean up).
  • Events must be finished 30 minutes before the closing hour of Doe Library (generally 9pm during the academic year).
  • Requests will not be considered for days the Morrison Library is closed (weekends/holidays).
  • A room rental fee of $1000.00 is charged for rental of this space. The rental fee will cover the use of the room, set up, and use of additional equipment items (folding chairs, microphone, moving furniture, etc.) and resetting the room to its original layout. These fees are subject to change and will be confirmed before final agreement with both parties. Additional fees may be charged by other groups providing related services.
  • If an event is canceled within two (2) weeks of the event date, the host will be charged a fee of $300.00. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing or via email.
  • The event host must be present throughout the entire rental.

Equipment available for use with the rental includes:

75 Folding Chairs
1 Folding Table (4’x2’)
Podium with Microphone (cannot be moved)
Projector (cannot be moved)
Projection Screen (cannot be moved)

If you need additional audio/visual support, please contact Educational Technical Services (ETS) for quotes and rental equipment available through that department. They can provide video recording and webcasting services as well as rent additional microphones and speakers.

The preferred catering vendors of the Library are Bancroft Catering (for full service large scale events with 100-200 attendees) and FSM Cafe (for smaller scale events with under 75 attendees). Feel free to contact the catering vendors directly for booking their services.

For Free Speech Movement Cafe, contact Jaime Diaz at 510-666-0805.

For Bancroft Catering, contact Kelly McCartney at kelly@bancrofthotel.com or Sarah Tilson at Sarah@bancrofthotel.com.

If you plan to host an event that will include alcohol, please refer to the campus alcohol policy and submit an alcohol request form for approval of the Library facility to libraryevents@berkeley.edu. You must submit the alcohol request form at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date as UCPD needs at least seven (7) business days to process.

Requests for use of Morrison Library must be submitted via the Morrison Reservation Request Form at least a month ahead of your requested date.

Morrison Library Reception Layout
Morrison Library Lecture Layout
Morrison Reservation Request Form