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Using the Library during COVID-19

Many of our services are now being offered in new ways. To find the latest information on course reserves, book returns, 24/7 online help, and more, visit our Library services and resources during COVID-19 page. The information on that page supersedes all other information on the Library website at this time.

Procedures for Requesting Scanning of Library Print Materials

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The Library invites UC Berkeley students, faculty, instructors, and visiting scholars who have a disability that necessitates alternative media to request print materials from library collections be converted to digital format for them.  The Library is able to provide this service only for users who are verified as eligible within the campus system.

Berkeley students: If you feel you are eligible for this service, please contact the Disabled Students Program. That office authorizes student users of this service.

Berkeley faculty, instructors, and visiting scholars: If you feel you are eligible for this service, please complete this request form. Once approved, a note will be added to your Library account indicating that you are approved for the scanning service.

Overview of the program

  • The Library will scan materials owned by our Library and currently available to us.
  • The Library aims to provide the person with a copy of the item in digital format within an average of five business days from the date it is requested. Exact time may vary based on the number of items and size of items submitted within the same period. Student requests take priority.
  • Additional delay may occur due to the in transit time to Moffitt or the availability of the material (ex: missing during search, at bindery, etc).
  • The person requesting the item will receive email notification when the digital file is ready. The email will include a link to download the digital file. The file will be available as a Word document and as a searchable PDF.

Eligible materials

The Library’s scanning service covers all printed materials owned by the University Library and listed in the OskiCat catalog. Ineligible items include items larger than the scanner can support (such as double folios), and items which are already in digital formats (such as items in Internet Archive).

During COVID-19 disruption: The Library is not able to access some campus libraries at this time, thus some collections may be temporarily ineligible. This is also true for materials borrowed through Interlibrary Services. Currently Interlibrary Services is not providing printed materials; when that service is fully restarted, these materials will be eligible for scanning again.

Request scanning of material owned by the UCB Library

Follow the steps below to place your request through our catalog, OskiCat. If you are using a screen reader, use these alternate instructions.

  • Search OskiCat for the material you want scanned.
  • In the item record, there is an option to REQUEST.
  • Once you click on this, you may be prompted to login with your Calnet ID and passphrase.
  • The next screen displays a text box with the label “(Optional) for NRLF requests only…” Disregard this message. Please enter “LSP” in the box.
  • Choose SUBMIT
  • If this is a multi-volume resource, you must choose a single volume from the list and choose REQUEST SELECTED ITEM.
  • The next screen will prompt you for a pickup location. Choose Moffitt.

Note: You will not have to pick up the book -- but getting the book to the Moffitt Circ desk is the first step in the scanning process. If you do receive a notice that the book is on hold for you, please contact the Library at maincirc-library@berkeley.edu to let them know this item should be scanned.

Request scanning of material not owned by the UCB Library

  • Use the HathiTrust catalog. Some items can be fully viewed in HathiTrust. If you find an item that is not available full view, send the link to the item, as well as the title and author, to prntscan@lists.berkeley.edu.

Steps to retrieve the digital copy

  • When the scan is available, you will receive an email notification with a link for you to download it.
  • Click on the link and log in with your CalNet ID and password.
  • Download the digital file. The first page of the file includes a copyright statement confirming that the scan was created for your personal use.
  • Save your personal copy, since the Library’s link will only be active for a limited time after you first download the file.
  • Berkeley students: If the material is required or recommended for a course and further OCR editing is needed, you will have three business days from the time you receive notice that the Library’s OCR-scanned digital file is available, to request that the Disabled Students Program (DSP) further edit the scanned digital file. For more information on submitting materials to DSP see the DSP Alternative Media Guidelines.

Request scanning of a journal article

Many articles are available online through the Library’s databases. Librarians are available to help you locate the resources you need.

Articles that cannot be accessed in full text through Library databases can be requested using this form.

Instructions for screen readers:

  • Go to Links List and look for UC Berkeley CalNet Login
  • The search field is not labeled, but it's the only search option on the page
  • When doing keyword search, use screen reader search to search for the phrase "Most Relevant"
  • After clicking on an individual title, look for a link called "Request".
    • Navigate to the Edit field labeled "Optional for NRLF Requests only" and type LSP. 
    • Hit Enter to submit request
    • Navigate to "Pickup Location" combo box
    • Choose Moffitt
    • Tab to Submit
    • You will receive an email with a link to your file

Note: You will not have to pick up the book — but getting the book to the Moffit Circ desk is the first step in the scanning process. If you do receive a notice that the book is on hold for you, please contact the Library at maincirc-library@berkeley.edu to let them know this item should be scanned.