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Resilient Rebels

View a video of Resilient Rebels, the program of poets, scholars and activists held in 2004 that brought friends and supporters of the Emma Goldman Papers together from far and wide in celebration of the beginning of the partnership between the EGP and the International and Area Studies’ program in Peace and Conflict Studies, and the publication of Making Speech Free - 1902-1909, the second in the four-volume series Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years – 1890-1919.

The event was hosted and introduced by former Dean of IAS, Professor John Lie; the previous Chair of PACS and Principal Investigator of the Emma Goldman Papers, Professor Edwin M. Epstein; and the Director of University of California Press, Lynne Withey. Speakers in the video include: Leon F. Litwack, long-time Principal Investigator for the EGP; Professor of Rhetoric Judith Butler, feminist political theorist; Professor of History, Clayborne Carson, Editor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers at Stanford University; Professor of English Robert Hass, former Poet Laureate of the United States; Professor of Political Science Paul Thomas, theorist of radical political history; Eric Alan Isaacson, contributor, attorney and board member of the San Diego Foundation for Change; Patricia Ellsberg, the wife and collaborator of Daniel Ellsberg, jailed for releasing the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War; Dr. Candace Falk, Founding Editor and Director of the Emma Goldman Papers.

Please note: to our disappointment, the videocamera ran out of videotape before the end of the event, cutting off the final speaker Dr. Barry Pateman, Assistant Editor of the EGP, as well as the musical finale by Rachel Garlin.

rebels:  http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/video/xJWPXLU4EeOaQoD510pG4A