Tour policy for Doe Library, Moffitt Library, and Main (Gardner) Stacks

Affirmed January 2023

The Library conducts tours of Doe and Moffitt libraries with regularly scheduled public tours during fall and spring semesters, and for UCB affiliated groups on request.  These are scheduled by the coordinator for Doe/Moffitt tours and the First Year Experience Coordinator.

Individual librarians and library staff are welcome to lead visitors and guests through the Library. Those wishing to include the Main (Gardner) Stacks may borrow a tour badge from the coordinator, or from the University Librarian’s Office. Tours should enter Main (Gardner) Stacks only through the Doe portal where the tour badges are expected.  Visitors to the Main (Gardner) Stacks should be mindful of the studious atmosphere, including observing the Silent Zone on Level B. With few exceptions, these formal Library-led tours are the only tour groups allowed access to the Main (Gardner) Stacks.

Ideally groups are limited to 20 people, although larger groups are acceptable with the tour leader managing the volume of noise from the group so not to disrupt others using the Library.