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Affiliated Libraries and Archives Group

About the group


The Affiliated Libraries and Archives Group (TALAG) was formed to foster effective communication among the Affiliated Libraries and between the Affiliated Libraries and The Library on the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) campus.

What are Affiliated Libraries?

Library resources on the UCB campus are rich and varied. There are two major types of libraries on the campus: The Library and the Affiliated Libraries. The Affiliated Libraries are physically and administratively separate from The Library. Each Affiliated Library is part of a department, professional school, or organized research unit, to which it reports and through which it receives funding.

The primary mission of the Affiliated Libraries is to support the teaching and research needs of their respective institutions. Their collections and services reflect these specialized concerns. However, most of the Affiliated Libraries serve the larger campus and off-campus communities as well as their own organization. Some Affiliated Libraries have a much broader mandate: to serve the university as a whole and the people of California. Whatever their individual missions, the Affiliated Libraries offer unique subject expertise and play a major role in providing library collections and services to the Berkeley campus community and beyond. The Affiliated Libraries hold 29% of currently received serials and 17% of the total volumes on the UCB campus.

History of TALAG

In 2003, The Library and the Affiliated Libraries convened a joint task force to review the relationships between the libraries and identify problems. In spring 2004, the task force wrote a report on its findings, including recommendations for improvements. TALAG was formed as a result of recommendations included in that report.


The administrative head of each Affiliated Library is a member. The LAUC-B elected Affiliated Representative is an ex-officio member.


Kendra K. Levine, Institute of Transportation Studies Library


Michael Campos-Quinn, BAMPFA Film Library and Study Center
Lily Castillo-Speed, Ethnic Studies Library
Marci Hoffman, Law Library
Julie Lefevre, Institute of Governmental Studies
Christina Marino, Environmental Design Archives

Meeting schedule

Four meetings per year. Additional meetings scheduled as needed. All locations to be announced.

Email list — the directors of the Affiliated Libraries — all librarians in the Affiliated Libraries