Removal of items from Library collections

The following summarizes university policy and recommends procedural guidelines regarding non-circulation-related removal of materials from the Library's collections. They are based on former University Librarian Rosenthal's memorandum dated 2 July 1990, and reflect agreements with University Legal Counsel. The document does not cover university business records or circulation records.

Any removal of items from the Library's collections must be authorized by the University Librarian, or, if the University Librarian is not present, by an Associate University Librarian, or the Chief Administrative Officer of the Library. Authority to allow officers of the National Archives or Department of Energy to remove Bancroft materials for classification review has been delegated to the Director or Deputy Director of The Bancroft Library.

If any person or agency, including law enforcement officers, attempts any removal of items from the Library collections, regardless of reasons presented for removal or legal documents that may be presented (for example, a subpoena) Library staff should refer the person or agency to the University Librarian or designee.