Overdue, damaged, or lost materials policy

Last updated: October 2013

Borrowers’ responsibilities

Library borrowers are responsible for library materials while checked out in their name and are responsible for returning items by their due date (or revised due date in the event of renewal or recall.)


All libraries may recall library material. Failure to return recalled materials may result in blocking of library privileges.

If an item is damaged or lost

Borrowers are liable for charges incurred to repair or replace the item. All library materials remain University property even if they have been billed and paid for. Thus, payment of repair or replacement charges does not entitle the borrower to keep materials which have been damaged or replaced.

Damaged books which can be repaired

A minimum charge of $25 is levied against a borrower who returns a book which is damaged, but deemed reparable. This charge is intended to cover costs related to repair. If the Library Preservation Department estimates that repair will cost more than the minimum, more will be charged.

Lost books or books overdue to the point of replacement billing

The standard replacement charge is $150 per item (effective 8/1/07). If the actual replacement cost of a particular item (including costs to order and catalog the item) is greater than $150, more will be charged. If the borrower has been billed for replacement of a book, and the individual can provide a replacement acceptable to the Library, the $150 replacement charge will be cancelled.

In the event that the borrower has a history of overdue, damaged or lost library materials, units may recommend revocation of the individual’s library privileges. Library Administration will consult, when appropriate, with the Academic Senate Library Committee.

All charges are subject to change.