Watch: Student builds career skills through UC Berkeley Library’s Work+Learn program


The Library is not just a birthplace for knowledge — it is also a testing ground. Through the Work+Learn program, hundreds of students find jobs in the Library's halls, where their unique skills and backgrounds help serve the community in new ways. “The coolest part of my job is applying what I learned in courses I’m taking and directly, the day after, being able to use it in my job,” said Charis Chan ’20, a student who works as a data analyst at the Social Research Library. (Other student jobs in the Library include everything from cataloging foreign language materials and digitizing maps to producing podcasts and videos.) For her work, Chan cleans up unruly datasets and creates data visualizations. “I thought it would be a great opportunity I can use to get more experience,” said Chan, who looks forward to a career in data science after graduation.

Your support helps students like Chan gain valuable experience through the Library’s Work+Learn program.