UC Berkeley Library statement of values

About the statement 

The UC Berkeley Library statement of values was developed by Library staff and endorsed by Cabinet in fall 2000. 

Collegiality and cooperation

We work together to build a civil environment. We cooperate and support each other. We appreciate diversity.

  1. We treat co-workers, clientele, subordinates, and superiors the way we want to be treated, being mindful to respect cultural differences.
  2. We show respect for each other by communicating in a friendly and courteous manner, listening attentively, encouraging the expression of differing points of view, and staying open to questions and opinions from others.
  3. We work together by taking a library-wide perspective, basing discussions on facts rather than rumor, offering constructive criticism, seeking creative and practical solutions, committing ourselves to follow mutually agreed-upon methods and procedures and meeting agreed-upon deadlines.

Effective communication

Regular and ongoing open communication occurs throughout the Library.

  1. We are truthful, open, and clear in our communication and respect confidentiality when appropriate.
  2. We promptly report final decisions to those affected.
  3. We respond to oral and written requests promptly, mindful that other's work may depend on our response.
  4. We communicate information that is concise and accurate. Whenever possible, we make it available in time for those affected to have input.
  5. We have a clear statement of the Library's ongoing and annual priorities.
  6. We take responsibility for keeping apprised of what's happening in the Library (through reading committee and council minutes, CU NEWS, etc.).
  7. We provide feedback on those issues that affect us or about which we have particular interest or expertise.


We pursue excellence and offer quality service within the context of the Library's stated needs and priorities.

  1. We have clearly stated standards of excellence.
  2. We regularly measure our performance against our standards of excellence.
  3. We set realistic priorities among our tasks to ensure that the most important items can be performed to the Library's standards of excellence.
  4. We develop and implement innovative models and standards in response to changes in our environment, providing leadership to the Library and information community.
  5. We recommend ways to improve policies and procedures that affect our work.


Everyone is important and every part of the Library has an important function.

  1. Within the Library, we seek to administer as equitably as possible the campus-based merit and bonus programs.
  2. We conduct performance evaluations at least annually for all staff.
  3. We evaluate performance based on clearly written standards.
  4. We allocate resources according to the Library's stated priorities.
  5. We expect the same standards of performance from library staff within the same personnel classification regardless of where they work.
  6. We address behaviors inconsistent with the Library standards and values in a respectful, constructive, and straightforward way.
  7. We have a clear system of appeal within the Library which an employee can use if s/he feels they have been treated unfairly.

Participatory decision-making

We value the opportunity to make decisions that directly affect our daily work.

  1. As the environment changes (new projects, changes in personnel or workload, new decisions to be made,) we actively seek input from those who will be affected in order to both frame the problem and brainstorm potential solutions. Whenever possible, we allow time for give-and-take dialogue on how best to proceed throughout the process.
  2. We have a right to ask for the rationale behind decisions.
  3. In making changes to workflow and workloads, we work together to adjust the priority on existing work.

Professional growth and development

We believe a highly skilled staff who are given opportunities and challenges are happier and more productive.

  1. To support staff in being successful in their assigned duties, we provide training to all staff.
  2. We have a professional development program to encourage all staff to obtain education needed to grow in our library careers.
  3. As opportunities for career growth arise, eligible staff who are interested can apply and we support their application.


We value a clear and fair rewards policy and a competitive pay structure. We acknowledge each other's successes.

  1. We wholeheartedly acknowledge jobs well done by individuals who excel in their work, regardless of their place in the hierarchy of the system.
  2. We actively pursue a pay structure competitive with the market for all classifications represented in the Library.
  3. We supplement campus compensation programs with celebrations and other forms of recognition to acknowledge outstanding achievements and longstanding contributions to the Library.

Safe, comfortable, and healthy work environment

We provide a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for staff and users.

  1. We have a clearly stated set of guidelines for what constitutes a safe and healthy work environment.
  2. We have a library-wide program to regularly evaluate units and make corrections as needed.
  3. We respond immediately and thoroughly to staff concerns about the work environment, taking action per advice of experts on campus when mitigation is needed.