Law enforcement request for Library records

About the policy

Created: Sept. 2005; last updated: March 5, 2014

If a law enforcement official approaches you requesting information from Library records refer all inquiries to Library administration, 255 Doe Annex.

Two scenarios

  1. If they present a subpoena, direct either the person or the paper to your supervisor or department head, who will in turn direct it immediately to Library administration, 255 Doe Annex. If your supervisor or department head is not in the office, direct the person or take the subpoena to Library administration. If the subpoena is delivered during evening or weekend hours, place the subpoena in the department head’s mailbox and note the day and time of receipt on the back of the subpoena. It is important to realize that subpoenas do not demand immediate action.
  2. If they present a warrant, do not interfere with their search or seizure. Inform your direct supervisor. Your direct supervisor (or you, if there is no supervisor) should call your emergency contact person as soon as possible.

    Call the UC Berkeley Police Department at 510-642-3333. They will ensure all rules of the warrant are followed.

    When the law enforcement official leaves with library property they will leave a receipt concerning the items removed. Please pass this on to your direct supervisor.

What happens next?

Library administration will then refer the server of the order/subpoena to university counsel. Any law enforcement requests (whether subpoenas, warrants, or other like requests) will be brought to the attention of the appropriate campus executive officer.