Update: Moffitt Library is closed for seismic work, but most other libraries are open. Learn more.

How to host an event at the libraries

A packed house listens to poet and Professor Robert Hass at the Lunch Poems event in Morrison Library. (Photo by Jami Smith for the UC Berkeley Library)


Event guidelines

Room reservations

The Library offers a few public spaces for rent when not in use, however, each event is subject to approval by the Library. All events held in Library spaces should meet the mission and goals of the Library and should be in compliance with event guidelines. The Morrison Library is available for rental between 4-8:30pm, Monday through Friday, and will be closed over the weekend. This space is good for receptions, lectures and large presentations and can accommodate 200 people. The Doe Steps/Terrace is available for rental Monday through Sunday and can accommodate 300 people. The Doe Upper Terrace is available for rental Monday through Sunday and can accommodate 150 people. Room rentals will require use of a chartstring or the ability to write a check to The Regents of the University of California, however checks will incur a 9% Administrative Full Costing (AFC) fee.

If you are interested in reserving the following rooms, check out each form:


Library’s preferred vendors are Free Speech Movement Cafe (FSM Cafe) and Bancroft Catering. Work with the Library Events Coordinator to set up catering needs for your event, especially if you are using a vendor not listed in our preferred vendor list. Have an idea of the estimated budget for the event and what type of audience you’ll be serving. Food is allowable in most cases for self-contained rooms (such as Morrison Library), however, food cannot leave the reserved room since there is no food allowed in the rest of Doe Library.

For Free Speech Movement Cafe, contact Jaime Diaz at 510-666-0805.

For Bancroft Catering, contact Kelly McCartney at kelly@bancrofthotel.com or Sarah Tilson at Sarah@bancrofthotel.com.

Alcohol permits

The University’s Major Events Policy, authored by the VC of Student Affairs, provides all campus users direction for planning special events, including events serving alcohol. If you want to host a special event with alcohol and/or you need a security assessment, you’ll need to follow the Special Event and Security Assessments policy. If you are a Department, questions about the policy should be directed to Risk Services, 510--642-5171. If you are a non-Department user, call the LEAD Center at 510-642-5141 and view the Major Events Hosted by Non-Departmental Users policy.

Use this Alcohol Permit Request Form to disclose any plans for the service of alcohol and/or the payment of entrance fees (any fee, whether collected at the door, in advance, or when purchasing a pass to an exclusive event such as a conference, event if it’s called a “donation,” must be disclosed). Alcohol permits must be received by Library Events Coordinator at least 2 weeks in advance of the event date. Alcohol permits for events that are open to the public will be denied per updated campus policy.

Amplified sound

If your event requires amplified sound in the outdoor library spaces or in Memorial Glade, you will be required to gain permission from the Library and ASUC Event Services. If you would like to use amplified sound on Doe Steps/Terrace, Doe Upper Terrace, and/or Memorial Glade, please contact the Library Events Coordinator with your request.


Loading and unloading can only be done if the car is temporarily parked outside of the Doe South Entrance. If your event is located closer to the Doe North Entrance (Doe Steps or Doe Upper Terrace), there are specified loading/unloading areas on the Library Access Plans. The Library does not offer parking permits to library patrons but if you are willing to purchase parking permits for some of the guests at your event, you can learn more about how to arrange for and pay for parking permits.

Doe Library Access Plans