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Exhibits Committee

About the committee


Cultivate, review, and select exhibit proposals for spaces in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, East and West Corridor (Doe Library), Free Speech Movement Cafe, Moffitt Library exhibit cases, and online exhibits, to best represent UC Berkeley Library collections, services, and initiatives for general audiences. Support exhibit development and promotion as described in the Exhibit Manual.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion statement

The UC Berkeley Library stands firmly in opposition to discrimination and systemic oppression. Social justice, equal rights, and equal treatment for all are bedrock principles for the Library, as we fulfill our public mission. Historically, events have made clear that we must do more to address racism in the workplace and in the campus community. Our committee commits to enacting principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion both in how it operates and in the exhibits themselves.

Committee values

  • We are influenced by diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and social justice practices, and use these core principles to guide and inform Exhibits Committee decision-making.
  • We aim to enhance the visibility of different unbiased perspectives and are dedicated to sharing resources that represent marginalized communities within the Library’s collection.
  • We are committed to developing partnerships with subject matter experts and content curators to improve the exhibition development process.
  • We encourage contributions from staff, faculty, and student communities to support the integrity of Library exhibitions as a teaching resource in support of the teaching and learning goals of the Library.
  • We strive to educate by highlighting the Library’s diverse holdings, and expanding teaching and learning across campus and throughout the world.


  • Promote the diverse holdings and scholarly value of all Library collections.
  • Nourish intellectual, aesthetic, and creative growth.
  • Educate the campus community about a particular theme.
  • Enhance the strategic mission and vision of the Library.
  • Encourage individuals to contribute to the growth of knowledge or extension of the arts.
  • Support university events, programs, symposia, and activities.
  • Promote community relations.
  • Recognize Library supporters, friends, and donors.

About our members 

The Exhibits Committee includes 10 library staff who represent different units and specialties from the UC Berkeley Library community. Members are appointed each year, after an open call for volunteers. Prior to the new term, two to three new members are selected to replace those who have served a full two-year appointment.

AUL liaison

Elizabeth Dupuis, Senior Associate University Librarian


Aisha Hamilton (Communications Office), 2019-22, chair
Lorna Kirwan (Bancroft Library), 2020-22
Michael Lange (Scholarly Communications Services), 2021-23
Helena Meier (Interlibrary Services), 2021-23
Nathaniel Moore (Ethnic Studies Library/Affiliated Library), 2020-22
John Orbon (Development Office), 2021-23
Virginia Shih (Arts and Humanities Division), 2021-23
Alison Wannamaker (Communications Office), 2020-22

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