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Exhibits Committee

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Cultivate, review and select exhibit proposals for spaces in the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery, East and West Corridor (Doe Library), Free Speech Movement Cafe, Moffitt Library exhibit cases, and online exhibits, to best represent UCB Library collections, services and initiatives for general audiences. Support exhibit development and promotion as described in the Exhibit Manual.

The UC Berkeley Library stands firmly in opposition to discrimination and systemic oppression. Social justice, equal rights, and equal treatment for all are bedrock principles for the UC Berkeley Library, as we fulfill our public mission. Historically, events have made clear that we must do more to address racism in the workplace and in the campus community. Our committee commits to enacting principles of diversity, equity and inclusion both in how it operates and in the exhibits themselves.

  • During the COVID-19 closure while exhibit spaces are largely closed, the committee will focus on online Spotlight exhibits to continue our charge of showcasing Library collections.

Approximately ten library staff representing different units and specialties, including one member from the Library Development Office. Members are appointed after an open call for volunteers. Usually 2-3 positions filled each year, each with two year appointments.

AUL Liaison:
Elizabeth Dupuis, Senior Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives, User Services, and Strategic Projects and Director of Doe, Moffitt and the Subject Specialty Libraries

Aisha Hamilton (Communications Office), 2019-2022

Lorna Kirwan (Bancroft Library), 2020-2022
Michael Lange (Scholarly Communications Services), 2021-2023
Sherry Lochhaas (Acquisitions), 2020-2022
Helena Meier (Interlibrary Services), 2021-2023
Nathaniel Moore (Ethnic Studies Library/Affiliated Library), 2020-2022
John Orban (Development Office), 2021-2023
Virginia Shih (Arts & Humanities Division), 2021-2023
Alison Wannamaker (Communications Office), 2020-2022

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