Digital Lifecycle Program Steering Committee

About the committee


By guiding and endorsing information policy and process development for the Digital Lifecycle Program (DLP), the DLP Steering Committee ensures that the Library improves and expands scholars’ access to and use of resources by creating and preserving digital collections through widespread digitization and new access services.

The DLP policies and collections must reflect the many facets and dimensions of diversity. Through the selection of materials we digitize and the policies for access, the UC Berkeley Library aims to create digital collections that reflect our organization's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition, DLP strategies and services must be comprehensive and ongoing to ensure patrons are supported throughout their education and research. Creating opportunities for discovery and access to authoritative information will result in responsible and active citizenship not only in our community and California but throughout the world.


  • Ensuring DLP goals and outcomes are aligned with and informed by Library strategic directions, division/unit goals, and a coherent vision for the University Library as a unified entity.
  • Articulating high-level principles and guidance to ensure that all DLP-related staff, systems, working groups, agreements, and outputs help both advance core needs and address strategic opportunities.
  • Affirming DLP success measures, and contributing to ongoing assessment of progress and program directions.
  • Identifying needs for and approving policies, guidelines, and other documentation valuable for DLP’s success.
  • Overseeing and informing program-level decisions such as project prioritization, risk assessment and tolerance, resource allocation, vendor agreements, and coordinated grant reviews prior to submission.
  • In coordination with the DLP Expertise Group and DLP Program Manager, deploying working groups to draft and/or provide consultation for DLP-related policies and process development.


Jeff MacKie-Mason, University Librarian
Salwa Ismail (convener), AUL for Digital Initiatives and Information Technology
Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez, AUL for Scholarly Resources
Beth Dupuis, Senior Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives, User Services, and Strategic Projects and Director of Doe, Moffitt and the Subject Specialty Libraries
Lynne Grigsby, Head of Library Information Technology
Rachael Samberg, Scholarly Communications Officer
Mary Elings, Head of Bancroft Technical Services
Peter Zhou, Director of the East Asian Library