Copy, scan, print at the Library

Copy-Scan-Print: a common good service for the UC Berkeley community

The Copy-Scan-Print duplication service provided by the UC Berkeley Library is made available to the campus and wider public community as a common good service. While the library supports the technical components of the system, the patron assumes all liability associated with the use of duplicated materials under Section 108(f)(1) of the U.S. Copyright Act (Title 17, United States Code). While the library makes all efforts to provide the service as inexpensively as possible, in some cases (e.g.printing), use fees are required to mitigate operating expense.

Non-commercial use

The Copy-Scan-Print services may be used by any Library visitors, but are deployed primarily to support the research and teaching mission of UC Berkeley. As such, patrons who use the system for commercial purposes are not primary users and may be asked by any member of the Library staff to take advantage of “Tier 3” services offered through the Copy Center located in Moffitt Library. In addition, commercial users bear the responsibility of any legal implications of their use of duplicated material.

Three service tiers

The Copy-Scan-Print service features three tiers of use. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are designed as high-availability/low-cost services while Tier 3 services are designed to meet the high-end and specialized needs of our community (e.g. large-scale, large-format scanning and printing).

  • Tier 1: Self-service scanning (free)
    System availability: Available when the library is open. The client-based environment means that individual station outages will not impact system wide operation.
    Support level: Support provided through Library IT/Client Computing. Client-only service meaning that system downtime should be localized to an individual station.
    More information available from the Copy Center.
  • Tier 2: Self-service printing (low cost)
    System availability: Available when the library is open. Printing is dependent on client and server resources and may experience localized and systemic downtime.
    Support level: Support provided through Library IT/Client Computing. Where possible and necessary, components of the system (e.g. Cal 1 card integration) will be disabled when non-functional to enable continued system operation.
    More information about printing and scanning.
  • Tier 3: Full-service scan/print
    System availability: Available when the Copy Center is open. Availability depends on UCSF staffing and technology availability.
    Support level: Full-service services provided by UCSF, no support provided by Library IT.
    More information about printing and scanning.