UC Berkeley Library Code of Conduct

Revised and affirmed by Library Cabinet, November 2022

The Library strives to provide access to well-maintained collections, information resources, equipment, and associated research services. The Library also seeks to provide a safe and secure environment and facilities suitable for reading, learning, and other activities associated with scholarly teaching and research.

The following Code of Conduct is intended to ensure a respectful and productive environment for study and research for all users. These policies are applicable to all Library users and are enforceable by all Library staff.

General behavior

All Library users are expected to respect Library facilities, other users, and Library staff.

Individuals will:

  • Comply with all Library policies and University of California, Berkeley, policies.
  • Use computers and online resources within the guidelines of the Library and campus computer use policies.
  • Adhere to policies governing appropriate use of University of California identification.
  • Present identification upon request.
  • Leave buildings at closing and limit use of the Library to authorized areas only.
  • Respond to security gate alarms, emergency alarms, and other situations as instructed by Library staff.

Individuals will not engage in prohibited activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Exhibit any threatening or intimidating behaviors, e.g., abusive language, staring, threats of violence or any type of harassment.
  • Engage in behavior that is potentially unsafe or harmful to self or others.
  • Create any disturbances, e.g., disruptive noises, loud talking, audible electronic devices.
  • Engage in any sexual activities including, but not limited to, unwanted or inappropriate touching, unwanted or inappropriate advances, harassment, or indecent exposure.
  • Allow others to use their University of California identification or CalNet network authentication.
  • Violate copyright laws, including systematically downloading, printing, or disseminating content from UC Berkeley-licensed electronic resources in violation of copyright laws.
  • Deface or damage Library materials including, but not limited to, underlining, highlighting, writing, or removing pages or security devices.
  • Misuse, misappropriate, damage, or deface Library furniture, buildings, or equipment, including computer systems.
  • Use Library areas for prolonged sleeping or as living quarters.
  • Obstruct use of Library equipment or facilities, or deny access to Library materials through theft or deliberate misplacement.
  • Vend, peddle, solicit, or petition in the libraries; post or distribute materials without permission
  • Leave young children unsupervised.
  • Bring food or drink in areas where they are prohibited.
  • Use alcohol, tobacco, or related nicotine products, or controlled substances.
  • Fail to wear clothing, including footwear, while in the libraries.
  • Bring firearms, weapons, fireworks, or other dangerous substance into the libraries.
  • Bring animals, other than identified service animals, into the libraries.
  • Ride or leave personal transportation devices (e.g., mopeds, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, inline skates, roller skates, hoverboards) in Library buildings or on walkways where hazards, property damage, or personal injury could be a result. These vehicles must be collapsed where possible and fully carried if brought into buildings. Exceptions are made for strollers and vehicles used by persons with disabilities.
  • Photograph Library patrons or staff without permission.
  • Leave personal belongings unattended.


Library use is a privilege. If an individual or group is not adhering to Library policies, individual users may point it out. Concerns, problems, or policy violations may also be reported at a Library service desk to any Library staff member.

Anyone violating these policies can be asked to leave the Library and refused future access. Library users found in violation of this Code
of Conduct may be: asked to present identification to Library staff; subject to a search of backpacks or bags; directed to leave the premises; suspended from access to all Library facilities for a period of time; and reported to the University of California Police Department. Disciplinary or legal action may be taken in accordance with applicable federal, state, city, and campus laws and policies. Depending on the severity of the offense and the pattern of behavior, persons may be banned for extended periods such as one week, one year, or permanently; bans cover all campus Library locations and services.

Related policies

• Library policies: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/about/library-policies

• Campus Computer Use and IT Policies: https://security.berkeley.edu/policy

• Cal1Card Policies: http://services.housing.berkeley.edu/c1c/static/cardpolicies.htm

• UC System Regulations about Conduct in Buildings: http://policy.ucop.edu/doc/3000127/NonAffiliateRegs

• UC System Policies: http://policy.ucop.edu/policies-by-audience/index.html


Code of Conduct (PDF)