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Circulation Services Group

About the group

The Circulation Services Group is a forum for designated library staff who handle circulation services, access services, and issues related to managing physical collections.


The Circulation Services Group enables the Library to provide excellent user experiences through the development and implementation of coherent circulation-related policies, practices, and procedures. To support this goal, the Circulation Services Group:

  • Serves as a forum for discussion of circulation-related practices and policies.
  • Discusses day-to-day operations such as service desk practices, billing, stacks management, user amenities, facilities concerns, safety and security, and supervision of student employees; when appropriate, recommends Library-wide changes for consideration by the Access Services Advisory Group and Public Services Council.
  • Facilitates communication and problem-solving among all library staff with circulation responsibilities.
  • Organizes and provides training on circulation-related procedures and functions with the general goal of discussing current practices and moving toward standardized procedures when feasible.
  • Reviews, edits, and provides feedback about Alma-related and circulation-related documents.
  • Recommends changes to library policies and the Millennium system for consideration by the Access Services Advisory Group and Public Services Council.
  • Provides a frontline perspective of the impact and feasibility of new policies and services.

Library committees, task forces, and special projects seeking participation from a staff member with expertise in circulation/access issues are asked to direct their request through the Head of Access Services Division.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion statement

The UC Berkeley Library stands firmly in opposition to discrimination and systemic oppression. Social justice, equal rights, and equal treatment for all are bedrock principles for the Library, as we fulfill our public mission. It is clear that we must do more to address racism in the workplace and in the campus community. Without changing the primary purpose of this group, you should carry out your charge in a way that advances the Library’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the context of your group work.

Membership and leadership

Members include key circulation staff from all Library units and all libraries using Millennium; each unit will send at least one representative to each meeting. Some members will have liaison assignments to groups such as Public Services Council. All members have equal participation rights. Circulation Services Group is led by two co-chairs serving staggered two-year terms from January to December. Each December a new co-chair will be named by the AUL for User Services, with recommendations from the membership and support from the appointee’s supervisor. The co-chairs organize the agendas and manage the work of the group in person and through online communication channels. The incumbent co-chair mentors the new co-chair on the duties and responsibilities of that role. The Head of the Access Services Division attends and participates in all meetings and serves as counsel to the group, advising on policies and recommending avenues for submitting suggestions and identifying problems needing resolution by the Library.


Blake Lindsey, Engineering and Physical Sciences Division, 2018-20
Fedora Gurtzman, The Bancroft Library, 2019-21

Meeting schedule

First Tuesday of each month, 2-3:30 p.m., 303 Doe Library

Email list