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Cataloging & Metadata Council

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The Cataloging & Metadata Council is one of five functional councils within the Library. For more information on the structure of library councils, see the Library Organization Chart.

The Cataloging & Metadata Council is charged by and advises the Director of Cataloging. The Council is charged with ensuring alignment of shared cataloging standards, policies and procedures among OskiCat contributing libraries. The Council serves as a communication venue with the Library. Issues arising in the Cataloging & Metadata Council may be decided within the Council, by the Director of Cataloging, Director of Collection Services, or the Library Administrative Group, depending on the nature of the issue and its impact on the Library.

Cataloging & Metadata Council is advisory to the Director of Cataloging in the following areas:

  1. Ensure the alignment of shared cataloging standards, policies, and procedures affecting our Millennium ILS, and other appropriate finding aids maintained by the Library
  2. Raise issues and problems with existing cataloging standards, policies and procedures and recommend solutions
  3. Review, evaluate and implement new national, Berkeley-wide and local cataloging standards, policies and procedures
  4. Comment on Berkeley wide, regional, or national cataloging initiatives
  5. Monitor national trends in cataloging theory and practice
  6. Respond to requests and problems identified by internal and external customers of the cataloging units, such as Next Generation Melvyl, NRLF, Library administration, Library councils, Subject Specialty Libraries, Affiliated Libraries, Integrated Library System—Steering Committee, BTECH, patrons, and staff
  7. Communicate with all staff about cataloging issues
  8. Advise the Director of Cataloging on cataloger training needs and recommend solutions and/or plans
  9. Validate, maintain, and make available Library-wide cataloging and related documentation written by the Council or from other sources.

22 members to include representatives from: each of the Subject Councils; each self-cataloging OskiCat Library; Chair of BTECH; NRLF; Catalog Department: Monographic Cataloging; Serials Cataloging; Law Library; Library IT; Chair of the ILS-SC; the Director of Cataloging; and the Chair of the Cataloging & Metadata Council.

2 year term

Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz, Catalog & Metadata Services, Director





Randal Brandt Head of Cataloging, Bancroft Library (ex officio)
Michael Campos-Quinn Pacific Film Archive (ex officio)
Jim Church Social Sciences Council 2019-2020
Tim Converse NRLF (ex officio)
Frank Ferko Music Library (ex officio)
Lynne Grigsby Integrated Library System (ILS) (ex officio)
Julie Lefevre Institute of Governmental Studies (ex officio)
Haiqing Lin Head Technical Services, East Asian Library (ex officio)
Sherry Lochhaas Web Advisory Group 2018-2020
Adnan Malik Arts & Humanities Council 2018-2020
Heiko Muhr Sciences Council 2017-2019
Heiko Muhr Earth Sciences and Map Library (ex officio)
Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez Library Leadership Group (ex officio)
Trina Pundurs Continuing Resources 2016-2018
Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz Director, Catalog & Metadata Services (ex officio)
Robert Talbott Principal Cataloger, Catalog & Metadata Services (ex officio)
Chris Tarr Law Library (ex officio)
Robert Toyama Ethnic Studies Library (ex officio)

Meeting schedule:
Third Tuesday every month, 1:30 - 3:00pm, 303 Doe Library

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