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Arts and Humanities Council

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The Arts & Humanities Council is one of three subject councils within the Library. For more information on the structure of library councils, see the Library Organization Chart.

Each subject council will have representatives from every library unit that manages collections relevant to the subject of the council. More than one staff member of a library unit may attend a specific subject council. Each subject council may add additional members to its group, either temporarily or permanently, if unique expertise is needed. Members of subject councils may be either library assistants or librarians. It is envisioned that the subject councils will have more members than the function councils.

The mission of the Arts and Humanities Council is to further the development and enhancement of library collections and services relating to the arts and humanities. Specifically, the council:

  • Promotes understanding and interaction among staff dealing with the arts and humanities;
  • Advises representatives to the function councils on matters under consideration by those groups and proposes issues for future action;
  • Fosters communication with Library support units and other relevant campus offices;
  • Sponsors relevant programs or projects

Jeremy Ott, Classics and Germanic Studies Librarian (term ends 2021)

AUL Liaison:
Jo Anne Newyear-Ramirez, AUL Scholarly Resources

José Adrián Barragán-Álvarez, Bancroft Library
Yasemin Agis, The Bancroft Library
Nina Bayley, Collections Assistant for the Art History/Classics Library
Jan Carter, Humanities Selector
Lynn Cunningham, Art Librarian
Mary Elings, Head of Digital Collections, Bancroft Library
Manuel Erviti, Music Library (Web Advisory Group)
David Faulds, The Bancroft Library
Frank Ferko, Music Metadata Librarian
Ruth Haber, Judaica Selector
Mohamed Hamed, Middle Eastern & Near Eastern Studies Librarian (Collection Services Council)
Jianye He, East Asian Library
Corliss Lee, Librarian for Ethnic Studies and American Cultures
Adnan Malik, South/Southeast Asia Library (Cataloging & Metadata Council)
Toshie Marra, East Asian Library
Steve Mendoza, Asst. for Romance and Dutch Language Collections (Public Services Council)
Liladhar Pendse, Librarian for East European and Eurasian Studies, Librarian for Latin American Studies
Scott Peterson, Head of Graduate Services Library & Morrison Library
Claude Potts, Librarian for Romance Language Collections
Stacy Reardon, Literature and Digital Humanities Librarian (Collection Services Council)
Abby Scheel, Head of the Arts and Humanities Division
John Shepard, Curator of Music Collections
Virginia Shih, Librarian for Southeast Asia Collection
Naomi Shiraishi, East Asian Library
Gisèle Tanasse, Film & Media Services Librarian
Susan Xue, East Asian Library

Past Chairs
Claude Potts, 2017-2019
Scott Peterson, 2015-2017
John Shepard, 2012-2015
Michaelyn Burnette, 2010-2012
Paul Hamburg, 2008-2010
David Sullivan, 2006-2008
Elizabeth Byrne, 2004-2006
Kathryn Wayne, 2001-2004
John Roberts, 1999-2001

Meeting schedule:
First Thursday of the month, 10:00 - 11:30am, Room 303 Doe Library. Third Thursdays are optional.

E-mail list:

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