Re: [Videolib] Mass video reserve policies?

From: Bergman, Barbara J <>
Date: Mon Aug 31 2009 - 14:27:07 PDT

Yes, it's bad precedent to let them request reserves en masse just because they _might_ need the films. Sounds like a knee-jerk rejection of open stacks by the professor. Even if the class assignment was to pick any Hitchcock film to write a paper on (which seems unlikely), the students would most likely prefer being able to check out one of those 46 copies to watch at home.

Different ways to handle:
--Policy that you will only reserve titles listed as required viewing on the syllabus
--Limited time for reserves instead of all semester (ex: 2 weeks, as Gail mentioned)
--Negotiate purchase of second copies of certain specific titles for reserve

My gut reaction is that this is a case where communicating via email is likely to escalate the problem. Talk with him directly about the situation to find out what the real concern is (see example below) -- this is opportunity to recruit prof to your viewpoint.
Prof may need more info about difference between a booking for class use versus reserves for student use, and that "reserve everything" requires a lot of work for us -- I'm surprised by how many profs we have to tell that it's no big deal to change the screening date, that the important part is that we know that the film is needed around that date, and that having a booking date allows us to leave the films on the open stacks until closer to the screening date.

Ex: After a few bumps, I found that our film studies folks--who are good about giving us their film list--were okay with open stacks and student checkout, but titles being out on ILL had occasionally caused problems (DVD going out during interim, became problem because of late returns). We came to agreement that they would use $1000 of their department's library allocation (not my video budget) to purchase 2nd copies of the films they considered core. Unless booked for class screenings, these titles can check out for the normal three-day loan, but are flagged as not available for ILL. (Copy 1 is not restricted and remains in open stacks).

(As for a handful of profs who complain about 'their' videos not being available, but still can't be bothered to give us their syllabus -- tough cookies to their complaints.)

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