[Videolib] Mass video reserve policies?

From: Scott Spicer <spic0016@umn.edu>
Date: Mon Aug 31 2009 - 10:12:11 PDT

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to tap into the wise sages of videolib for some advice. We
have an instructor teaching a Hitchcock course this semester with
about 100 students, and he has requested that we put every Hitchcock
film (46 titles) on reserve and then order duplicates of some (though
he is only showing 15). Though we are dedicated to providing support
for instruction first and foremost, this is the first time I have ever
had a faculty member actually request an entire director/genre be
placed on reserve, and not even requesting specific titles at that
(kind of like saying I want every book on Shakespeare reserved). We
do plan to accommodate this request, as other faculty can request a
loan (in coordination with the original reserve faculty) and the
campus community can view materials from items on reserve (limited, 3
hours). We also have put up signage in the open stacks indicating
that all Hitchcock films are on reserve downstairs with the other
reserve materials.

Question: While I feel a Gary "I-told-you-so" coming on in this age
of open access and agree that access instructional access should take
precedent, this just feels a bit odd as I have not encountered it in
the past 2 years. I am curious if others routinely get these blanket
requests and how you have dealt with them? Should we at least require
the faculty member to look up and fill out the reserve form for each
requested title? Am I nuts for even questioning this request?

Context: From my understanding the Film Studies Department does have
its own lending video library, so we do not necessarily serve as the
de facto Film Studies campus collection. There have also been some
access title circulation issues with this faculty member in the past,
and so this request may be a legitimate defense mechanism to secure
access for his students.


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